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11/03/2020 12:06 pm  #1

Car camping

  Wow the crazy/covid summer camping continues into the fall. I always go away the first week of Nov. Get a little last bit of fishing in. NEVER pre book. Thought I'd check yesterday before I head up tomorrow. 1 site left! Wow! Ya not for me. I know the electrical part can fill up a little but the whole campground? Geeez I sure hope this trend doesn't continue next year. I've never made so many reservations in my life as this year lol

I'm just gone Fishin!

11/03/2020 2:02 pm  #2

Re: Car camping

I have no idea if this is accurate, but many facilities have limited the number of people.  It doesn't seem like it would apply to campsites, but they may have reduced the number of available sites to create buffers between groups to facilitate social distancing requirements.  Purely hypothetical and probably wrong...but it's out there.


11/03/2020 2:19 pm  #3

Re: Car camping

I suspect mew will be full or close all winter. It’s one of the few campgrounds that stays open all year.


11/03/2020 2:41 pm  #4

Re: Car camping

i tried to book an  interior trip,, but i was told this morning (after the park finally answered the phone)  that the interior is now closed because of the virus ????  great weather to go paddling,,, 

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11/03/2020 3:02 pm  #5

Re: Car camping

  No way....if that's true. Just ruined my winter!

I'm just gone Fishin!
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11/03/2020 3:11 pm  #6

Re: Car camping

way,,, 705 633 5572  try`em for your self,,   it is b.s. on there part?


11/04/2020 8:49 am  #7

Re: Car camping

The online reservation system appears to still be taking reservations!
And the official website doesn't refer to any closure ..


11/04/2020 9:01 am  #8

Re: Car camping

i called the online reservation line first,, i was told no back country canoe permits  are being issued because of c-19, and that i would have to call the park directly,,,  when i called the park i was told back country was closed to canoeing but i could hike a trail,, 


11/04/2020 9:12 am  #9

Re: Car camping

policy change as of this morning,, i called the reservation line and the fellow told me that as of this morning interior permits are being issued ,, but he did not say for how long that would last?


11/04/2020 9:46 am  #10

Re: Car camping

swedish pimple wrote:

policy change as of this morning,, i called the reservation line and the fellow told me that as of this morning interior permits are being issued ,, but he did not say for how long that would last?

This is great news as my wife and I are planning a trip somewhere off of highway 60 this weekend.  When I checked the reservation system a couple of days ago it didn't look like I could make canoeing reservations but as Barry indicated it is now available.

I wonder if their intention is to cut off interior access once conditions deteriorate, much as they do in the spring.  I've only done two canoe trips in November -- the first under pretty cold conditions, snow on the ground and sheltered bays frozen over.  Given todays concerns about liability I can see them not wanting groups heading into the interior under those conditions.


11/04/2020 11:01 am  #11

Re: Car camping

A little bit inconsistent but yeah on Sunday the 1st when I checked all backcountry sites were Yellow and showed as non-reservable.  Just checked and sites are green again.  I also noticed this when I looked at one: Reservable Dates, Backcountry Paddling Tue, Nov 3 - Sat, Nov 14, 2020
On the APP website they show Algonquin Backcountry with dates January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.  I don't think that part has changed.  One would interpret to mean that you can reserve up to Nov 14 and after that sites are open but non-reservable?

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11/05/2020 1:26 pm  #12

Re: Car camping

Guess we can conclude that once again CAMIS has shown they have no idea what is really going on and judging by the words of Ontario Parks people they are not receiving clear instuction from higher up.
Just 1 more example of how our elected Provincial Government is making Ontario Parks more accessable with  clear as mud direction.


11/06/2020 3:10 pm  #13

Re: Car camping

We were in Pinery this week for a couple of days and the one open area was mostly full. Checked to see if we could stay into the weekend and it was fully booked. If this was a business they would open another section for the thundering hoards and make a few extra bucks.

Some high zoot trailers and motor homes in that park and guessing many of them are snowbirds with nowhere else to go. Sigh.

Hoping to spend a bunch of days in Mew come March of 2021. Can't imagine that whole park is now reservable? Say it ain't so Joe.


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