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9/29/2020 11:01 am  #1

Hot Tent Rentals?

as the fall season enters and we start to think about winter backcountry- i'm wondering if anyone knows of hot tent rental options? I've done a few trips now, cold camping and can't commit to a hot tent purchase until next year but looking to try out, rent, etc if it's an option anywhere?


9/29/2020 1:24 pm  #2

Re: Hot Tent Rentals?

Cold camping is overrated. You know that when you go into the Mew Lake comfort station and see people hanging out for warmth. Ha. 
Went in on a hot tent set up with my buddy a few years back and it's awesome. Not cheap to get into but my camping season doesn't end now It just rolls into the next season.

I believe there are a few outfitters who rent but I think camp is already set up for you. Not sure they will just rent equip as is. Good luck.


9/29/2020 4:45 pm  #3

Re: Hot Tent Rentals?

These guys have some options but I don't have any personal experience, just noted as I was also considering:


9/29/2020 5:48 pm  #4

Re: Hot Tent Rentals?

Snowforest Adventures will rent there preset camps out providing its when they aren't  in use by dogsled tours. Hiram and Black fox lakes I believe.  Long hikes in but nice set ups.


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