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9/16/2020 10:04 am  #1


  Hey fellow AA'ers! Question about Welcome lake. Are you allowed to use worms there? Harry and Rence lakes too? For some reason l think I remember about someone getting fined there for using them. Not even using them just having possession.  Can't find anywhere in the reg's. I know Lake of 2 rivers has slot as do Smoke I believe. Those aren't in the reg's either. I know spots around Sundridge and South River have sanctuary's and those are not in the reg's either. Such a grey area. Any info would be greatly appreciated,

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9/16/2020 10:31 am  #2

Re: Welcome

hey splakin ,, no worms live/organic baits in welcome , rence and harry, there is a slot size as well.
      at one time 1988  there was a sign  warning people after these lakes received special status,, the signage is long gone,,pity,,  special status lakes like these are in the regs,,


9/16/2020 10:39 am  #3

Re: Welcome

  Aw yes I see it now. I thought I had gone over it very closely, apparently not lol. Thanks for the reply

I'm just gone Fishin!
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9/21/2020 3:17 pm  #4

Re: Welcome

The 2020 regs booklet is definitely more difficult to interpret, but everything should be in there. The only way I knew about the slot on Smoke was via the regs (2017).


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