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8/26/2020 10:50 am  #1

Favourite basecamp / short trip for fall colours?

This year I'm hoping to do 4 nights early October either base camping on one site, or switching sites once. I like the idea of setting up camp, and on bad weather days, be lazy at camp, and good weather days, do some day tripping.

I'm considering something south of 60, like Bonnechere or Clydegale. I love both of those lakes but I've been south of 60 so many times that there isn't too much new territory to explore.

The other option I'm looking at is Mag > Misty and staying there for 4 nights. It's a pretty long travel with double carries, but there's more new territory in the area for me to explore. I camped on Misty last year but would happily spend more time in the area.

How's the drive to Mag during fall colours? Does it compare to the beauty of Hwy 60 colours? What about the route in general?

Any other ideas / suggestions, with the main priority being fall colours?

The two times I've been to Algonquin in October I did Cache > Harness (was in awe at the beauty), and Kingscote loop to Benoir; loved it as well, but the first route I enjoyed more for colours.

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8/26/2020 11:44 am  #2

Re: Favourite basecamp / short trip for fall colours?

Have you considered going up to North Tea/Biggar/Three Mile area?  Always a treat in the fall and a lot less crazy with the day trip kooks than 60.  Lot's of stuff to day trip and explore. 

Kiosk into Erables/Maple is one of my personal favs. 

The trip from Mag to Misty is always a good one but the last time I was through there I was shocked at how many people I saw launching at Mag. Even after I ran into you on the Pet I saw about 4 or 5 groups heading in the next day, on a Tuesday no less. 

Rosebary /Longbow is a nice quiet option as well, and would have some good moose activity and you could make a few easy loops through the upper Tim, water levels depending. 



8/26/2020 12:38 pm  #3

Re: Favourite basecamp / short trip for fall colours?

I was considering that but the arial shot of fall colours made me think the far west / Hwy 60 area would be a bit better for colours... maybe I'm wrong? My other concern was the potential for extra choppy waters on North Tea, Kiosk etc. in October while I'm paddling solo. Setting up camp on North Tea, Manitou, or Maple for a few days sounds pretty nice though.

Rosebary / Longbow is definitely something I'd consider as well, I've never been through that area. Should there be any concern that it's rut season? I'm pretty silent when I'm solo and it's not uncommon for me to hear large animals (likely moose) right behind my campsite since they don't know I'm there

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8/26/2020 1:50 pm  #4

Re: Favourite basecamp / short trip for fall colours?

Yeah the West side of the park  is where you want to be for the colours for sure.  When it comes to rut season just be cautious of bull moose on a trail or site.  I don't think you'd be in any different situation on a lake like Long Bow compared to Clydegale, as both are known for high moose traffic.

North Tea gets often gets strong winds from the west, so I don't know if you would have too much trouble getting in solo.  You could head up through Lost Dog/Sisco/Lorne lakes as well.  Very remote feeling area as they don't get as much travel.  

Mcraney and surrounding area is a nice spot to head as well if you haven't been. 


8/26/2020 3:10 pm  #5

Re: Favourite basecamp / short trip for fall colours?

I’m with tripper mike on the Mc craney area.
We spend 5 days in early October there last year, the lake is surrounded by hills and they were in full color. We also tremendously enjoyed the road in to the parking lot at rain lake, it’s a decent drive, and we found it stunningly beautiful, passing lakes, swamps, hills, all in full color. Had 30 pics before we even got to the parking lot.


8/26/2020 7:47 pm  #6

Re: Favourite basecamp / short trip for fall colours?

Thanks. Wasn't considering McCraney initially but it sounds really nice

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