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7/25/2020 9:45 am  #35

Re: WIA392

My gosh, I've stayed on the site in the narrows and then paddled right by that flag tree.  I knew it looked familiar, but just couldn't put two and two together.

Fret not over an extended WIA post - I enjoy the back-and-forth and the challenge of deciphering clues...even the dated ones!


7/25/2020 12:24 pm  #36

Re: WIA392

rgcmce wrote:

martin2007 wrote:

    🎶      ...she's callin' my name...

Catfish are jumpin'...   🎵


Yes Catfish Lake is correct.  martin2007 is up.  The exact location is from the campsite just south of the narrows and east of the feature marked "Turtle Rock" (incorrectly, I believe) on Jeff's Map.
The route from Canoe Lake to Brent used to be, and maybe still is, referred to as "main street".

Still is, at least by me! That’s how I ended up on Lost Joe.


7/25/2020 3:13 pm  #37

Re: WIA392

That campsite has a good view both east and west, so you get both the sunset and the sunrise.  Plus, on the visit that produced the photo Bob posted, we were there on the night of the full moon, so got both moonrise and moonset as well.  It was impossible from inside the tent to tell when morning came, since there was bright moonlight all night and the sunrise and moonset pretty much coincided.


7/27/2020 6:03 am  #38

Re: WIA392

I hear you, Diana!  I so look forward to the milky way, stars and dark sky views that I now only book trips during half-moon or smaller phases (and really prefer the new moon).  We did one trip during a full moon and, while beautiful, it absolutely drowned out the stellar views.  On the plus side, you could walk around camp without a flashlight all night long!


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