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7/07/2020 9:25 pm  #1

Burnt Island with the Family

Hey everyone,

I went up to Burnt Island for a couple of nights with the family this past weekend. It was my youngest daughter's first canoe trip and the first multi-night trip for all of them (also, my wife's first canoe trip in like ten years). They did awesome. Everyone had a good time, including the mosquitoes. The write up is here if you're interested:

Hope everyone is having a good start to July


7/08/2020 6:24 am  #2

Re: Burnt Island with the Family

Nice write-up.  Burnt Island is a great family destination with little ones - enough travel to make you feel like you are out there but plenty of company to know that if something goes really sideways there is plenty of help nearby.


7/13/2020 6:53 pm  #3

Re: Burnt Island with the Family

That’s very true and was definitely the case that weekend. It seemed like every site in the lake was taken.

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