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7/02/2020 11:52 pm  #1

Tim and Pet water levels July 2020

Any reports on the Tim river and Petawawa water levels recently?  Taking a newbie to this area in two weeks and want to know how much if any canoe dragging to expect.




7/06/2020 12:20 pm  #2

Re: Tim and Pet water levels July 2020

Just got home from a trip that took me down the Tim to Shippagew (starting from the portage to the Tim from Little Trout) and then up the Petawawa from Misty to Daisy. 

The Tim was fine, no problems, no noticeable shallow sections. The Petawawa was quite shallow between the 135m and 450m portages - I didn't have to drag, but it was quite slow through that section. No dragging anywhere though. Another couple weeks of no rain and you may be walking that whole stretch though!


7/08/2020 1:21 am  #3

Re: Tim and Pet water levels July 2020

Thanks! Lets hope there's a little water left on Sunday!  I'll update this post when I return Wednesday.

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7/16/2020 12:21 am  #4

Re: Tim and Pet water levels July 2020

Lots of rain meant lots of water!  No issues as of July 14.

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