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6/28/2020 4:19 pm  #1

Covid-Out: Canoe to McIntosh

Well it wasn't an ice-out trip, so I'm calling it Covid-out. No? It'll grow on you. 

This was a quick two-nighter into McIntosh a few days after the interior opened. I was hoping for few bugs but expected the bugocalypse, and took a Eureka NoBugZone in with me as a result. As it turned out I barely used it - my site on McIntosh was virtually bug-free, and I had a peaceful and relaxing time. New kayak, new camera, and yet no problems to report - even the Tom Thomson/Ink portage felt easy. 

Hope you enjoy it! 



6/28/2020 5:32 pm  #2

Re: Covid-Out: Canoe to McIntosh

How was the site? There was so much garbage (paddles, cart wheels, etc.) when I visited it last September.

Seems to be a pretty good year with bugs based on all the trip reports I've seen so far.

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6/28/2020 8:05 pm  #3

Re: Covid-Out: Canoe to McIntosh

I didn’t notice any garbage, so it may have been cleaned up. Or I was just oblivious, which is also possible! It’s clearly a well used site - finding firewood took me a while.

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6/29/2020 11:06 am  #4

Re: Covid-Out: Canoe to McIntosh

Your wife is a saint!!!!!!


6/29/2020 1:17 pm  #5

Re: Covid-Out: Canoe to McIntosh

You know what they say: Happy husband, happy... no wait, that's not the saying. But my wife understands my obsession with Algonquin, and is always supportive when I'm planning a trip. 

I'll be in the midst of a 10-day solo on our anniversary ;). 


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6/29/2020 9:09 pm  #6

Re: Covid-Out: Canoe to McIntosh

Wow, Canoe Lake all on your own, must have been early.  I hope you were able to stay awake for Birthday dinner when you got home.


6/30/2020 8:51 am  #7

Re: Covid-Out: Canoe to McIntosh

It was about 9:30 I think, so I may have beaten the Friday crowds. I passed one couple on Canoe Lake, but otherwise yeah, it was empty. There were certainly a lot more cars in the parking lot when I came out than when I headed in. 

I was home in time for brunch! 

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