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6/18/2020 8:42 pm  #1

Trip Advice 3 nights Kiosk to Laurel and Return

Hi everyone, our group is booked to do a 4 day 3 night trip out of Kiosk.

Night 1 we stay on Waterclear. Nights 2 and 3 we stay on Laurel. On day 4 we'll go back to Kiosk through Mink (instead of White Birch and Waterclear that we did on the way in).

The question is, are we pushing it too hard on day 4? Should we change night 3 from Laurel to Cauchon to lighten the load?

When I booked it I was thinking it would be nice to focus on fishing and relaxing on day 3. Also, I thought it would be better to not have to break and set up camp a 3rd time.

Now I'm having 2nd thoughts. Should we change? How are the sites on the Cauchon - Mink corridor?

Also is there any good cliff jumping sites to look out for along our route? At 44 years old, it's still one of my favourite things to do while camping.

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6/18/2020 9:34 pm  #2

Re: Trip Advice 3 nights Kiosk to Laurel and Return

Jeff says it’s 6:30 to get back out. Very doable especially after a rest day and consuming all your food.


6/19/2020 7:50 am  #3

Re: Trip Advice 3 nights Kiosk to Laurel and Return

On a nice day, no problem. If you get a windy day for your paddle out then it's going to be quite the slog. 


6/19/2020 8:26 am  #4

Re: Trip Advice 3 nights Kiosk to Laurel and Return

The wind will be what makes or breaks you. We jJust did that trip last week- minus Laurel. went in through Mink, down to Cauchon- had planned day trips to little cauchon and all the historical sites/ruins etc in that area, and planned to come back up through Club, Waterclear, etc. got windbound on Cauchon for 2 days solid. it took 4 hours casual paddling on the way in to Cauchon....8 hours on the way out due to wind. it was like uppa suggests...a slog. there are some nice sites on cauchon, but stay away from the group of 3x sites close together, bare and boring. the site south of that group of 3 is where we set up, quite nice. only upside of the wind is we had no bugs. Good luck


6/19/2020 9:44 am  #5

Re: Trip Advice 3 nights Kiosk to Laurel and Return

Wow, great advice guys, thanks!

I guess we'll have to check the forecast before we head out. It'll be a Monday night so I'd expect there to be availability somewhere in that corridor.

Any word on the cliff jumping?

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