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6/13/2020 9:29 am  #35

Re: Talk to me about Unicorn Hill

solos wrote:

Peek wrote:

... did the hill on Monday, it's fine.

That’s great that you already got a trip in during this Pandemic. I’m hoping to go soon but I don’t want to wear full bug gear and I don’t want to subject the dog to endless mosquito bites. So, how were the bugs?


Hey Solos - sorry, just saw this now. The trip was awesome, it felt amazing to finally just chill at a campsite. Granted when we came out, the world was on fire, but that's another topic all together.

Regarding bugs, simply put: we got lucky - our first night went down to -5 and must've killed most of the bugs because the next 5 days were so sunny I had to ditch the shirt a few times. Bugs were easily managed with some DEET and even then only a bit was needed... however... our luck ran out while loading up the truck on Cedar to head home - they came out in full force and were buzzing around me like sawdust blown from a miter saw.

Hope you get out there soon man! 

I'm headed back in on Friday and I expect them to be horrible. 

Edit to add: Great pic of the doggo and yeah, June is probably the worst month for dogs to canoe trip in. They just can't swat like we can!

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