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5/08/2020 8:31 am  #1

Rynoskin Total.

Anybody have any experience with this stuff? A lot of hunters seem to swear by it. I had never heard of it before. Apparently they make socks,pants,shirt,hood and gloves.

“patented weave of nylon and Lycra to keep ticks, fleas, blackflies and mosquitoes from reaching your skin.”

We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it, we go to smooth it.
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5/08/2020 9:11 am  #2

Re: Rynoskin Total.

Hmm. Never heard of it and I try to stay on top of anti-bug gear.
It looks like a compression shirt. It claims to be breathable but I assume it could get hot?
Interested to hear what people have to say. 
Gloves look interesting. Little buggers always get me in the hands while portaging. 


5/08/2020 9:27 am  #3

Re: Rynoskin Total.

Ya RC a lot of hunter reviews out there.. this one seems to be the most detailed..

We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it, we go to smooth it.
 - George Washington Sears
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5/10/2020 7:56 am  #4

Re: Rynoskin Total.

I bought the hood and shirt for my (now) 11 year old son two years ago, and a shirt for myself last spring.  Both of us are happy customers.  My son hated wearing his bug jacket, and I was trying to minimize how much bug juice he had to apply, so this product made a lot of sense for him.  I have no issue wearing bug spray and/or permethrin infused clothing.  If the products weren't on sale when I purchased them, I probably would have tried something else for myself (i.e. Mark's permethrin treated clothing).  Unlike bug spray or permethrin, Rynoskin does not repel bugs/flies.  So the bugs/flies still notice us and swarm, but, they just can't seem to bite through the material.  

The product wears like a compression shirt and is breathable; however, I only use it during Spring.   They recommend you wear the shirt like a base layer with something over top.   I get too hot wearing it like that in the sun or during a port, but the shirt still protects me from the bugs if I wear it by itself.  I can't wear it in the summer however, I get too hot.  Before I purchased the product I read an online Amazon customer review (sorry can't seem to find the review anymore) stating that the seams weren't the greatest, so I've tried to be as gentle as possible with this stuff when I wear it. 

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