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4/25/2020 5:22 am  #1

Sleeping on a cot

New owner of a esker hot tent and on top of that new to hot tenting. Looking to maximize comfort for the wifey. So my question is does anybody ever use a sleep cot inside there hot tent to keep themselves of the ground. Was looking at some light weight cots and wondering if this would make things even more comfortable while in backcountry.


4/25/2020 11:07 am  #2

Re: Sleeping on a cot

I use a cot when hot tenting and depending on the type of trip I have will determine which cot I bring out.  If I'm simply parking the truck and setting up or having to do a short hike in to where I'm camping then I'll bring out the "big" cot (  If I'm trekking in for a good distance then I'm likely bringing in my Thermarest cot which I've had for many years and previously used for shoulder-season canoe-camping before I got myself my high r-value (6.9) sleeping pad.  Cot isn't really necessary if you have a good pad and sleeping bag but the cot (and particularly the larger one) definitely has its benefits such as ease of getting in and out of bed; having another place to sit; plus you can store gear and stuff underneath it, etc.


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