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10/28/2019 8:55 am  #1

Mew lake office

  Does anyone know when the office closes? I went last fall Nov 1st weekend and it was still open all weekend. Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

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4/01/2020 2:46 pm  #2

Re: Mew lake office

An old question and I don't have a real answer. Isn't there a caretaker that lives in the park full time when the office is closed? I know that last year in March he came around early in the morning to make sure that permits were renewed. It was I must say, quite rude waking people up and asking for credit card information. You don't have to renew or leave until the afternoon but somebody had too much time on their hands. Left a bad taste.


4/09/2020 1:27 pm  #3

Re: Mew lake office

 Huh! Weird, never had the campsite host wake me up the morning. I've had the warden wake me up because I didn't have a permit in the winter time. LOL Because I showed up really early in the morning. They did have a guy working I think it was 10-4pm. But the previous year they had 2 women working there. They left a bad taste with me.
   I showed up on Wed. Because there was no one around l picked site 88. It's a none-reservable site. First week into Nov remember. So I paid for 3 nights. I then mentioned. "I might stay the Sat night. I can come in before noon on Sat and book my night! Right? She said yes. So come Sat morning it was really nice and decided to stay the extra night. I was in the office even call it 9:30. It was a different lady from Wed. I said I would like to stay an extra night on 88. She starts typing away. She says it's booked. I'm like what? Yep couple here waiting when we opened they took it. Again I reminded her about having the first choice to stay if I wanted. I can't seem to find the official rule for this. If anyone knows it would be great to share it. Anyways. There are 11 sites from the end of the electrical to the dog/radio free section. I'm the only one there and they give them my site. There were only like 10-12 sites taken in the whole camp ground. I was like whatever. And stayed right till 2pm. Then went home. Again one of the many pleasantries I've had with car camping in my 25 years going there. 

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4/10/2020 9:35 am  #4

Re: Mew lake office

Always thought you had to wait until 2pm to see what opens Splakin. That was the way it was years ago. How do you book a site that isn't bookable? Maybe the clerk was confused? Common courtesy should have had that couple check with you about whether or not you were staying or not. Numerous times in the past we had to wait at the PP gates until 2 before finding out if anything was open.

A number of years ago the ranger told us we had to drive to the west gate from Mew to renew our yurt. Two separate bookings for the same yurt on concurrent nights due to the way the online booking worked. They didn't set me up for the whole stint when I first checked in at that gate. Consequently buddy was adamant that I drive an hour in winter conditions to get that permit legitamized, notarized, updated. Thankfully the person on guard at the gate was driving through to Whitney and decided she would bring the permit by on her way.

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4/10/2020 9:45 am  #5

Re: Mew lake office

I did some reading on this and can’t find anything about extending your stay. There are fines for staying past 2pm, Staying without a permit, failing to vacate at expiry of permit. Nothing on your rights to stay and extend your permit.

Pretty stupid to kick you out of a basically empty campground though.


4/10/2020 10:42 am  #6

Re: Mew lake office

one time at mew, i showed up at 3 am.  i was just looking for place to sleep,  and  i set up on a campsite. 
       at 8 am that morning,  some punk kid warden wants to see my permit.  i told him my situation and i took off to the office to get the paper work,,  the lady insisted that i pay for before midnight the previous day and my fee for the six hours that i was at mew,  the total charge was two nights for a 6 hour stay,, she kept telling me that is how the computer is set up, no common sense dealing with the tattoo lady behind the counter,, computers are only as smart as the operators ? i.m.h.o.   i paid and left, went to the west gate and got a refund.  campground contractors,,
    another time thanksgiving weekend staying at canisbay,, after  several nights  at a non-reseverable site and paying each moring. i was blown away  the third morning only to be told that my campsite was taken, this was like a 9:30 am 
 i was then told the the entire camp ground was booked for the long weekend and that i had to leave,, however only one of the three campgrounds were open at that time. i asked to stay /camp at one a sites that was closed,, no luck. 
  i packed up and left,, only to find out later that the two closed camp grounds were opened up after all.  
         some time in the early 80`s the tim lake permit office was burnt to the ground,,  that is why it is now at it present location,,,

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4/17/2020 3:17 pm  #7

Re: Mew lake office

No worries about bad contractor employees anymore (except for Pog).  This year the Park had taken back all campgrounds with the exception of Pog/Kearney as they are in the middle of their five year contract. This is still run by Algonquin Park Services who use to run Mew/LTR. Nice to see the Park taking back the campgrounds and getting rid of the contractors with their gung ho wardens who think they are god's gift to enforcement. 


4/18/2020 6:48 am  #8

Re: Mew lake office

it's my understanding that reservable sites open at 2 pm, when cancellations are confirmed, and non- reservable sites open at 8 am. And yeah, the East and West gates, being run by parks staffers, can run circles around the contractors, who are locked out of all but the basic functions.

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4/18/2020 9:33 am  #9

Re: Mew lake office

scoutergriz wrote:

it's my understanding that reservable sites open at 2 pm, when cancellations are confirmed, and non- reservable sites open at 8 am. And yeah, the East and West gates, being run by parks staffers, can run circles around the contractors, who are locked out of all but the basic functions.

Whoa! Many thanks for that news. Could save a lot of headaches in the future. I don't like it but better to be wise than sol. Numerous times we'll stay at a park past our intended stay because of good weather, good fishing, good morel name it.


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