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4/11/2020 3:21 pm  #1

Who's right

As Jdbonney said "start a new thread" . I get what Bo,RCspartan , Petey and John Connelly are saying. I live near Bancroft. I shop in town once a week observing all social distancing rules. Iam fortunate to have access to crown land lakes that are 10-30 minute drive from my home. ( It probably takes just as much time for folks in bigger towns/cities to go to walking, jogging or biking areas ) . To go canoeing for an hour or two is "my" physical and mental therapy . How is that different than others who walk,jog or bike ,with a much more likely hood of coming in contact with other people? Yet I and others who are careful when doing so , are to be vilified by others on this website .  Common sense must prevail .


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