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3/13/2020 1:13 pm  #1

Turns out BO does know-This year it's Pike

Hello All, 

Here looking for a little trip planning/ fishing advice once again. Quick recap on last year's end of may Trout trip:

Caught a 20 inch Laker on my second cast, and was loving life!  Unfortunately it was the only one  From BO,"I think you meant to say you are starting your trip from Magetawan Lake (Access 3) instead of Rain Lake (Access 4), Me, "Nope meant 3" BO, Yeah makes sense if you like to portagePlanned 4K of portaging on Day 1 did a 1.2K shortly followed by a 1.4K- Back was destroyed, and didn't continue on. Turns out BO does know! And I do not enjoy portaging, this year's trip is going to be far less ambitious.  

I was wondering if anyone has any insight on pike fishing on:

Planning a 3 night trip end of may, and these lakes made the short list.

Thanks in advance for all the help!



3/13/2020 4:00 pm  #2

Re: Turns out BO does know-This year it's Pike

Booth is the only lake of those listed that contains pike, and with any luck it will stay that way. Pike are incredibly destructive to a lake ecosystem and introductions should be avoid at all costs. Apparently the pike fishing in Booth is pretty good. Go there, fish often, eat freely and enjoy!


3/14/2020 4:33 am  #3

Re: Turns out BO does know-This year it's Pike

I don't mind sharing pike fishing info... I can attest to there being pike in Booth - particularly in the large bay leading to McCarthy's (also lots of barn flies - protect your ankles!) I've been told that their are some monsters in the Shall/Depot narrows.


3/14/2020 11:13 am  #4

Re: Turns out BO does know-This year it's Pike

Thanks for the tips guys! I'll have to check out the "large bay" 

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