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2/28/2020 9:53 am  #1

Route planned starting at Brent - clockwise or counter??

Good day! 

I previously posted a proposed route starting from Kiosk (in July) and received a lot of valuable feedback. After much deliberation, I have finalized another plan starting at Brent instead. Here's the route:
Day 1 - Cedar to Cauchon
Day 2 - Cauchon to Big Thunder
Day 3 - Big Thunder to Skuce
Day 4 - Skuce to Nadine
Day 5 - Nadine to Long Marsh
Day 6 - Long Marsh to Cedar

I believe this plan goes with the current down the Nippissing on days 5 and 6, but I'm wondering about the other days and if it makes sense to go clockwise instead? If so, I'll simply reverse the days. What do you think?



2/28/2020 11:38 am  #2

Re: Route planned starting at Brent - clockwise or counter??

I don't think it's going to matter a crazy amount which direction you do that loop in. About all I can think is that if you're unlucky enough to get a windy day on Day 1, you're going to find the paddle from Cedar to Cauchon a serious slog.


2/28/2020 11:47 am  #3

Re: Route planned starting at Brent - clockwise or counter??

IIRC there was recent discussion on this very topic. If you have a moment, take look for it as it contains some very useful information regarding the pros and cons for each direction.

Good luck!


2/28/2020 12:17 pm  #4

Re: Route planned starting at Brent - clockwise or counter??

Did essentially the same trip last May but stayed on Little Cauchon, Mouse, Skuce, two nights on Nadine, Long Marsh and our last night on Cedar.   I would do it in that direction again for sure.  

Get into Cedar early. I agree with Uppa, Cedar to Cauchon into the wind will be tough, doable, but tough. Cedar can get nasty, that was my fear going in but we made it to the last site on Little Cauchon in about 4 hours in perfect conditions...paddling at a leisurely pace. 

An inviting looking Cedar at Brent...



2/28/2020 12:32 pm  #5

Re: Route planned starting at Brent - clockwise or counter??

Agree with the others here. Trip/route looks fine - heck, looks great. I might swap out Big Thunder for Erables (south Island) and Skuce (meh) for Little Osler or Osler, but otherwise a fine looking trip.

As long as you guys don't mess around on day 1, you'll be fine. Launch early because your entire day could potentially have headwinds, and strong ones at that. I think this will be your only real challenge of the trip, so if you can get it over with early enough in the day, the rest of your trip will be a breeze!

If you don't mind getting your feet wet, you can skip P175 and P230 on the Nip, esp. when going downstream. 


2/28/2020 1:36 pm  #6

Re: Route planned starting at Brent - clockwise or counter??

Uppa (and others) - good points about the potential winds on day 1. I don't think we'll be launching much before noon which kind of worries of me. I guess it's a toss up between gambling a little or going against the current on the Nip.
SwiftPaddler - I hope the lake ends up as smooth as in your photo! Nice to hear that you did the same circuit.
Swift Fifteen - thanks for this and the info in my other post - I'll likely stay with my original plan above and hope for the best on Day 1
Peek - Thanks for the tips! I may swap Skuce for Little Osler to get closer to Nadine. I understand Nadine is spectacular, so some additional time there may be nice.

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2/28/2020 6:39 pm  #7

Re: Route planned starting at Brent - clockwise or counter??

There is no doubt that the wind on Cedar can be a problem.  But I have encountered more days when it wasn't a problem than when it was.  And if it is a problem, I think I would rather be working my way west along the north shore than crossing the lake.

I'm pretty conservative but I think Cedar to Cauchon is a pretty solid day; much more so if you're getting a late start.


3/02/2020 4:24 pm  #8

Re: Route planned starting at Brent - clockwise or counter??

We did this exact route a few years back, and I agree with Peek in the choice of lakes to camp on. I would suggest pushing past Skuce into one of the Oslers. Much nicer and personally I would rather end my day with a heart attack instead of rising and grinding that hill first thing in the morning. Be ready for some real boggy put ins and take outs in that section too. I managed to fall into quite the quagmire, and spent the rest of the day smelling like a swamp. Enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for Moose, good country for it!


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