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12/27/2019 10:40 am  #1

Any Outdoor/Camping Christmas Gifts?

Just wondering if anyone got any cool outdoor/camping gifts for Christmas?

I got an MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe and a 1.8L GSI boiler pot.  I was looking for a stove/pot that nests well together to throw in the bottom of my pack for day hikes or overnighters.  My stove collection is starting to parallel my sleeping bag collection in size lol...


12/27/2019 2:15 pm  #2

Re: Any Outdoor/Camping Christmas Gifts?

I really like the MSR PR deluxe Steve. I have it and the stove it’s a knockoff of, the Soto Windmaster and I might like the deluxe a little better. 
The arms did loosen up on me though.  Swapped out the washers and it’s rock solid now.

For me my daughter saw me practicing my knot tying and got me this.

My wife got me a new barrel harness from CCS.

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12/27/2019 8:58 pm  #3

Re: Any Outdoor/Camping Christmas Gifts?

My old equipment, including my Whisperlite stove, is all going strong. I didn't think I needed anything until I opened up a new rain jacket and remembered how haggard my 8 year old one had become. Shawn, love the knot book. I remember learning some knots from my 1980's Boy Scout manual and at times think I should familiarize myself with some of them again....

Cheers and Happy Holidays!



12/27/2019 9:36 pm  #4

Re: Any Outdoor/Camping Christmas Gifts?

No gear this year, but I did get a couple of outdoorsy books:
Beyond the Trees: A Journey Alone Across Canada's Arctic by Adam Shoalts
Man and Dog: Through the Newfoundland Wilderness by Justin Barbour

My wife also signed me up for a Winter Camping Workshop with Kevin Callan (


12/31/2019 10:48 pm  #5

Re: Any Outdoor/Camping Christmas Gifts?

Hey RC,
I also got the new Adam Shoalts book. I found his others quite interesting so I'm looking forward to burying myself into this one. As an aside, I notice you're from Orillia - my Mom lived there for a number of years and I grew up minutes north. I miss having that 'base' to launch from when going to Algonquin....
All the best with your winter camping workshop!

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1/03/2020 1:41 pm  #6

Re: Any Outdoor/Camping Christmas Gifts?

Not sure if this qualifies but I got a cookbook … a few campfire meals in there … 


1/03/2020 1:57 pm  #7

Re: Any Outdoor/Camping Christmas Gifts?

I almost forgot . .got an underwater goPro as well …  


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