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9/02/2019 4:08 pm  #1

Another trek on the Highland

Trip number three completed on the Highlands in August.  Nothing to notable to report except for campers garbage on East Provoking.  A complete 6 person tent.  Sorry, couldn't lug that out on my own. Interesting twist going in from the Airfield.  Nice to shake things up a bit.  I did see a Pine Martin on this trail again, and that was delightful.


9/02/2019 8:51 pm  #2

Re: Another trek on the Highland

Do you mean complete 6 person tent as in they left it standing when they left the campsite and that was that?  Apparently they found it super-duper heavy on the way in, which I'm sure it was, but that's about as weak a move as I can think of.  That's very disappointing to hear.  Not surprising, but very disappointing.  (By the way, a few years ago I was almost in the boat to leave for home at the end of my first solo canoe trip, paddle in hand and looked back at the campsite on last time and realized the tent was still up....)


9/07/2019 5:51 pm  #3

Re: Another trek on the Highland

no, no the tent was not set up.  it was stashed in the undergrowth near the lake's edge.  had a tent been set up I never would have ventured in.  I do enjoy your story of almost leaving your own tent behind!  yes, it was disappointing to see as it looked like it was in okay condition....I could have put it to good use in the future had I not been solo backpacking and didn't want to lug it out.  park staff were notified when I left.

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