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7/15/2019 8:58 am  #18

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

I have traveled Algonquin since the mid eighties and am well aware of the terrain you describe. Even trying to get to lakes off portage routes . Lost myself a few times too. But with a map and common sense was able to find one of those old logging road you speak of . But if dog yelps can't be heard what about low flying chopper and turbo beaver ?  If the youngsters can't be trusted with a flare , is a fog horn acceptable? A signal mirror or signal fire?  The bush can be dense but also have more open areas where one would think the girls would go to. Now i realize  a  spot beacon  ( which i have carried for years) may be too pricey for this group but all worry here considered maybe a consideration for parents of future campers . But if all these options are not viable, then two young girls ought not be allowed to hike alone as they did.
There is just something not right ,in my opinion, about 2 days of aerial search, not being able to find the girls over a small area , that is if the  girls are able to respond. Having led canoe trips for a local university outing club i am aware of having novices and first timers on a canoe trip. So i kept trips short and simple and would not allow that sort departure from the group.And my youngest person would be 19 at least. Even so have not done it for many yrs and the club hardly offers any canoe trips these days due to lack of leaders.The effort and responsibility just too much. And that is the angle that i come from when hearing of these stories/tragedies. Its more of a punch in the gut vs an outpouring of sympathy .hope the girls are found soon with no significant injuries 


7/15/2019 11:10 am  #19

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

Sounds like they were just found !!! Wonderful news !

Really interested to hear the details of how they got lost. 

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7/15/2019 11:14 am  #20

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

ShawnD wrote:

Sounds like they were just found !!! Wonderful news !

Really interested to hear the details of how they got lost. 

This is great news!


7/15/2019 11:31 am  #21

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

Great news.  Hopefully some details are learned here that will provide a lesson to help others avoid a situation like this.  

My son is in scouts.  When they are camping they are (supposed to) have "the 10 essentials" on their person: First aid kit (usually a baggie with a couple items in it), flashlight, trail food, sunscreen, whistle, map/compass, rain gear, pocket knife, matches, water.  (Whether or not all the boys actually have the stuff with them is a different matter).  I would be curious to know what the girls had with them, how they used it, if they found alternate uses for items they had, etc. - there can be great lessons in that for everybody.

But for now we'll just go with the good news that the girls were found, hopefully in good shape.     


7/15/2019 12:59 pm  #22

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

Oh man, am I glad to hear they were found, apparently in 'great' condition! It appears the canine unit came through, with the girls being located less than 2 km from the trail between Susan and Rainbow Lakes. Sounds like they did a sensible thing and didn't keep pushing too far off the track once they were lost. Way to go, everyone! I can't even imagine the measure of relief and emotions experienced by their parents and families. I'll certainly sleep better tonight too.

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7/15/2019 1:40 pm  #23

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

knew those dogs would find them. Great relief for the families involved .


7/16/2019 4:55 am  #24

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

Pretty good writeup by the CBC.

Looks like the girls were prepared, didn't do anything crazy, and had whistles for signalling. It's amazing they couldn't be heard by the SAR, remarkable how the terrain blocks the noise.

Zoe is a very good dog.



7/16/2019 7:18 am  #25

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

Antman; I've been living, working, and playing in Algonquin since 1960, My father was a part-time ranger there, and I literally grew up in the park. I also have taught outdoor skills to youth for decades, and taken over 400 kids into it, .
Those kids did everything EXACTLY right, and admitted that the bush was so thick that attempts at signalling DIDN'T work! They DID have mirrors and whistles, and it was the whistles that they used to signal when the SAR team got close!


7/16/2019 7:40 am  #26

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

Such a relief!!!!


7/16/2019 7:45 am  #27

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

“They found the girls in good physical condition, although a bit dehydrated and covered with insect bites...”

Almost sounds like they went camping in July

But seriously, great to hear they were found with no serious harm/injuries.

Has there been any mention yet as to how exactly this whole thing started? Did they mistakenly wander off trail and just lose their way?

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7/16/2019 8:48 am  #28

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

These two girls were 'rangers' in the girlscouts .  If sitting put is all they learned at that level  i am not impressed . I have lost the trail on the odd portage and had to work old logging roads to get to off portage lakes.And i never had a day in the boy scouts. A good item to have is flagging tape . Word is the trails were well used but no-one ever flagged the parts where the trail disappears? I have done it on a few low maintenance portages so the next guy doesn't have to waste his time . Now i see i may have saved the gov't 10's of thousands in rescue costs .All for the use of 50 cents of tape .
I carry  whistle as well but have found it not so good even on a lake . I recommend firecrackers or bear bangers . Wonder if these girls were carrying bear spray , a hatchet ?  In other words who are these polish girl scout leaders ? If they ever are questioned publicly , i am sure they will say its about money .Look at the way the girls were dressed ? Didn't notice footwear but i bet they weren't wearing a proper hiking or hunting boot . Flunky sandals may get you by on a good trail, but lose it where you have to reconnoiter in that 'dense' bush we hear about and you're asking for a twisted ankle or worse . These girls were on the verge of being criminally ill equipped to be travelling alone. And i wonder about the group at large . There must not be a single competent camping parent of a kid in that group . But someone will be asking these questions soon i'm sure and also who should be paying those rescue costs.


7/16/2019 9:02 am  #29

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

There's always one...

You talk a big game but I guarantee these girl fared better under those conditions than you would have.



7/16/2019 9:18 am  #30

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

How would you know that one way or the other ?  
Rewatching the video saw the tall girl ( dressed in black , that is great for the bugs ) and wearing some kind of sandal or water shoe that were falling off her feet as she walked on grass. You think she is better than me in $200 usd cabalas hunting boots? In my early days , you may have a point but how do i fare worse with a spot messenger ? 
I am telling you i was lost in a  similar range but with maps and a compass figured where i must be and worked myself back to the trail eventually . Good thing because it was late in the day and i had no matches to spend the night and it was early May .


7/16/2019 9:27 am  #31

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

All I'm saying is that if you got lost without matches it's not right to judge others. There are those who are newer to back country camping or who focus more on the enjoyment of the woods than being a survivalist and carrying flagging tape. Let's just rejoice in the girls being found in good health and good spirits.


7/16/2019 9:57 am  #32

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

I am not judging the girls as much as their troop leaders who should be old enough to know better . ie supply these girls with better emergency equipment .But black clothing in what is still bug season is a sure sign that people are not investing in proper gear in general . Shorts and short sleeved shirts? I wear pants all season and a long sleeved shirt ( soaked in permetherin ).  Use high tech under wear too tops and bottoms - $40 usd a piece . Everything i wear , bring etc is top of the line for weight and performance . Including goretex rain suit and ultralight canoe . Is it expensive ? yes . But has it been useful ? yes too . Of course for me its more imperative because i travel solo most of the time . And its certainly not easier lost as i was, with no other person along . 
Don't consider flagging tape as a survivalist item as these girls just proved . Algonquin is not a place to travel back country unprepared . We see too many tragedies as a result . 
And if you want a better ' big game' talked about - i'll post some speckle trout pics .


7/16/2019 12:09 pm  #33

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

Dude, enough. You have nowhere near enough information to be judging these kids, and yet you are anyway. Stop doubling down on being a jerk. 


7/16/2019 12:35 pm  #34

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

Narcissistic Personality Disorder” - “one of several types of personality disorders- a condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled by relationships and a lack of empathy for others” - Mercian Webster

I’m so glad for the outcome of these two girls, their families and all those who’s Heart and thoughts were in the right place - guess I’m one of those kind of emotional guys

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