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4/20/2016 3:17 pm  #18

Re: Fishers?

Kelly - that is an awesome story.  Thanks for sharing that one!


3/18/2017 1:04 pm  #19

Re: Fishers?

We have fishers go through our yard all the time - we are right on the edge of Algonquin.

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4/01/2017 12:17 pm  #20

Re: Fishers?

I saw one on Hogan Lake back around the way, Fishers love to eat cats.


4/11/2017 1:55 pm  #21

Re: Fishers?

I came across one in a tree in the dark on the way to the privy last spring. My headlamp lit it up and it froze, started hissing at me. I almost didn't need the privy after that.


6/07/2019 2:55 pm  #22

Re: Fishers?

Steve E wrote:

So are they generally larger than say a Pine Marten?

Oh, heck - bigger than many coyotes!!!  Heh.  I thought your picture from Killarney looked more like a marten, but I acknowledge that you emphasized that it seemed really big. I've seen one (fisher) run across the highway somewhere around Canoe Lake say and I was very surprised. My initial reaction was bear cub, but my next thought was "impossible!"  It seemed awfully big, heading in the direction of a German Shepherd dog and it had a long tail and so on. But with that characteristic loping gait.

Years later (late 1970's) I stopped at the old Park Museum and saw the mounted specimen there. Bingo!

I haven't been to the East gate for years and so I can't remember if that example made the cut, when they put up the new displays at the interpretive centre.

That trail cam video at (the fisher is at the 5 minute mark, approx.) was awesome. Thanks!!!

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6/07/2019 3:01 pm  #23

Re: Fishers?

Btw, tapping about mounted specimens - if you are in the Toronto area and you're willing to risk the summer heat (what heat? Ha), construction, TTC issues and parking other dowtown snags, the small, one-room diorama of the deer and porcupine etc. in the Ontario highlands is worth the price of admission to the Royal Ontario Museum (rom dot ca) in my opinion. Quality on par with the American Museum of Natural History.


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