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4/23/2019 8:22 am  #18

Re: Small or Telescopic Rod

I sent you a PM Swift. 


5/02/2019 12:31 pm  #19

Re: Small or Telescopic Rod

I've got one of those shakespeare Ugly Stik 4 peice travel rods, which I find works well in the park.

As the name suggests they are not pretty, but they are basically unbreakable, reasonably priced, and they have a nice soft action which is good for trolling from a canoe


5/17/2019 8:09 pm  #20

Re: Small or Telescopic Rod

have used a 5 ft zebco telescopic since the early 90ès. Specks up to 5 lbs , and bass that size too. Never had one break. use an older autocast shimano reel. picked up a decent telescopic from walmart but have never tried it


5/23/2019 10:16 am  #21

Re: Small or Telescopic Rod

Been using a telescoping rod from Walmart for a few years now, pretty sure it was only $20.

Just dont bother with the cheap ones at Dollarama ($2). Those will break on the first fish you catch.


5/23/2019 12:00 pm  #22

Re: Small or Telescopic Rod

i have a vintage popeil pocket fisherman unit,,, for tight spots in creeks and streams,,

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5/23/2019 12:24 pm  #23

Re: Small or Telescopic Rod

Swede - I had one of those when I was a kid.  Visiting my grandparents in the southern Virginia, the New River flows close to where their house was, with just a tall field between the house and waters' edge.  I lobbied my folks hard for that rod so I could fish that river while we were.  They bought it, we get back to Grampa's, and I think it was my uncle who said (about the pasture) "Looks pretty snakey down there", meaning copperheads.  There were plenty in the region.  Thus endeth my desire to fish.  Had that pole for a long time though.


5/23/2019 1:22 pm  #24

Re: Small or Telescopic Rod

Agree with the small collapsible rod and small reel.  I would recommend a setup just trout that way you can get away with the smallest of rod - reel and also just 3-4 lb test for trout.  If you go later in summer you can have a slightly larger setup for bass, etc.  yeah its likely a little more than you wanted to spend but if you take care of these 2 setups you will have them for a long time.  and more importantly they will be a pleasure to work with .. nothing worse than trying to fish with crappy equipment.     


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