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3/28/2019 2:10 pm  #1

********* Lake

Can anyone comment on whether or not it's worth while to fish ******** for Lake Trout.  Thanks.

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3/28/2019 2:20 pm  #2

Re: ********* Lake

 sorry about that,, i lost my head,,l.o.l.

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3/28/2019 3:27 pm  #3

Re: ********* Lake

This lake is only 33.4 hectares in size and isn't on the fish-stocking list.

As such it falls within the forum rules' prohibition of discussion of the presence or absence if fish species.

As a result, I've edited-out the lake's name from the original post.

Fishing Information Restriction  
Over time, the forum community has developed the following policy. Those lakes which are identified on the MNR Fish Stocking List may be identified in forum postings. However, lakes that aren't on the MNR Fish Stocking List should not be identified if their area is 60 hectares or less, so as to help minimize possible impacts on native trout populations. Likewise, no "hot spot" locations (such as points, bays or co-ordinates) should be identified on any lakes regardless of their status. Reference to watersheds, lake groups and larger lake locations in general are acceptable .. but nothing more specific. To help forum users conform to this restriction, here's the link to the MNR Fish Stocking List and random examples of smaller lake sizes ...
Bissett 105 hectares
Rence 92 hectares
Hayes 75 hectares
Godda 60 hectares
Fraser 50 hectares
Shrew 40 hectares



3/28/2019 4:04 pm  #4

Re: ********* Lake

Barry the lake name remains in the thread title..


3/29/2019 8:18 pm  #5

Re: ********* Lake

Thanks Peek. PA caught that and edited it out. Team work is good!


4/02/2019 11:36 am  #6

Re: ********* Lake


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