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12/26/2018 9:46 am  #1

Wha-ja-get? I got THIS!

In August 2017 I took my two kids on a trip from Rain to Islet and back.  On Islet we had the site opposite the big island site, and at the time my daughter (then 14, now 16) sketched up an image of the island, and I photographed the island as well.  I got her a very large canvas for her birthday that September, then the hard work began; the arduous process of pestering her relentlessly to do a painting of the island.  After that it was just a matter of sticking with bothering her about it for a year and a half.

Here's the presentation yesterday.  It didn't exactly fit under the tree.

Here's the finished product, under two lighting conditions. It is interesting how different it looks.

Pretty cool!

It was an exhausting, but wonderful day for our family, and I certainly hope it was for a wonderful day for you and yours as well.



12/27/2018 7:08 am  #2

Re: Wha-ja-get? I got THIS!

She did a fantastic job. You must be one proud Dad!


12/27/2018 11:17 am  #3

Re: Wha-ja-get? I got THIS!

That’s a great painting. Good job by her and congrats to you on an awesome Christmas gift


12/30/2018 10:32 am  #4

Re: Wha-ja-get? I got THIS!

It’s great when the memories of the trip keep on giving throughout the year—-and throughout the years. Awesome.


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