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12/01/2018 3:56 pm  #1

Improving photo skills with "" instruction - free to many!

Unless one is a participant of winter-sports or winter camping, the coming months can loom ahead as nothing more than an opportunity to plan for coming spring-through-fall activities. Thankfully however, the winter months are a great opportunity to work on one's photographic skills .. both camera and “post-processing” skills.

Just recently I was reminded that here in the province of Ontario a renowned online education resource, previously known simply as "" is now incorporated into "Linkedin Learning", and as such is available free to members of many public libraries, to students and faculty of publicly funded colleges and universities, and to pro-level members of Linkedin.The educational photographic content available is phenomenal! As well as courses in Software Development, Design, Business, and Web Development .. there are over 700 courses in Photography .. which you can check out at ..   In the case of members of participating libraries, there should be a link in its website's resource section that'll take you to a sign-in page at the website, where you can sign in with your own library card number and private password. Following is a screen-capture of the page you'll see once you've signed in. At the far left it gives you access to where you left off viewing, along with your own “playlist”.

So if you're inclined to work on your photography skills this winter, you might want to check if your library has this resource!


12/01/2018 10:33 pm  #2

Re: Improving photo skills with "" instruction - free to many!

Great share Barry, thanks!


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