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8/31/2018 2:59 pm  #18

Re: Bear Encounters?

Kurt ... that's hilarious ... I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the guy who paddled in the canoe was cursing all the way !

Only seen one bear in the park and it was running across a logging road ... saw lots in the blueberry fields growing up . .they wandered there from a nearby dump so they were not afraid of people at all ... but were well fed so no worries ... my dad would curse at them not because of what they would eat but because they liked to roll in the field ...   


9/03/2018 9:47 am  #19

Re: Bear Encounters?

I've never encountered one in the park but I've come literally face to face with one in Labrador. I decided it would be easier to climb this embankment   on the East Branch of the Wilson river than wade against the current under the bridge. There was a large blueberry patch on the other side of the road and a big boar(that's how close I was) heard me scrambling up the rocks. He peaked over the edge just as my head came to road level. Our faces were maybe 2 ft away from each other. We both took off in opposite direction but he moved faster (hence my ability to identify the bears sex). Also once my buddy and I were making camp on a trip down the Kowkash River in NW ontario and had 4 different bears wander into our camp before we could even get the tent set up. Our solution was to drink copius amounts of vodka and river water so oif we had a nasty encounter we at least wouldn't feel anything. I'm happy that this summer the only polar bears I saw(you have to be armed on this trip for protection) were as our plane took off and then we saw 6.

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9/07/2018 5:28 am  #20

Re: Bear Encounters?

An (almost) live story... I’m out in the park right now traveling solo on Linda Lake. Usually I keep my phone on airplane mode but it’s a family members birthday so thought I check, and looks like I get service. Anyways, midway through one of my portages yesterday I heard rustling in the bushes just off the trail, maybe 10-15 ft. It sounded like a large animal. Yay, maybe I’ll get to see a moose! I turned my head to try and see, and while I didn’t see anything, the rustling was following by a loud deep growl. Yeah that didn’t sound like a moose. I finished that portage as quick as possible, but I still had to go back to do my second carry. I kept my bear spray literally in my hand the whole time and made lots of noise to make my presence known.

Edit: so I did a bit of research and supposedly black bears don’t technically “growl”, but I listened to the sounds of moans/huffs/whatever else you want to call it, and it definitely sounded more like a bear than a moose. Either way, was a bit scary hearing it just a few feet away from me

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