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9/04/2018 4:48 pm  #1

I finally had a reason to try out MEC's "Rocksolid Guarantee"

So my wonderful, and very expensive water filter died on me during my last camping trip. An internal component snapped - something I couldn't replace or repair. 

I walked into a MEC store, explained the situation, showed them the damage. The response was an immediate 'yep, we'll warranty that'. They didn't have a replacement in store so they gave me a gift card for the full amount and got me on the phone with MEC's online ordering center to have a new one shipped to me. I was in the store on Saturday, and the replacement arrived at my office today. I bought the filter almost 3 years ago. 

I don't imagine MEC's warranty is news to anyone on this forum, but what would have been a super-expensive bit of equipment failure was instead a reminder that the cheapest source for a product isn't always the smartest one. 


9/04/2018 7:57 pm  #2

Re: I finally had a reason to try out MEC's "Rocksolid Guarantee"

That's awesome, I love the rock solid garunte from MEC.  I myself used it when my saloman tech amphibian 3s had the toe stitching bust open on the big toe. (I beat the HELL outta these shoes for 4 years). Walked into MEC, walked out with a brand new pair.


9/05/2018 10:07 am  #3

Re: I finally had a reason to try out MEC's "Rocksolid Guarantee"

Have broken multiple poles on a Tarn 3 (used hard from Patagonia to James Bay). Every time, I walked into MEC with a busted pole and was handed a new one on the spot with no hassle. 

I have also had really good service in ordering stuff like boots, where they ordered multiple sizes from different stores that had them in stock for me to try on before buying. Or ordering online and returning in store. 


9/06/2018 5:57 am  #4

Re: I finally had a reason to try out MEC's "Rocksolid Guarantee"

I too have seen the guarantee in action. Last October while camping on Provoking Lake a very strong wind tore my MEC Guides tarp. I took the tarp back, spoke with the store manager and he graciously replaced the tarp with a new one. Big fan of MEC over here!


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