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8/01/2018 7:42 pm  #1

Question about footprints and guylines

Following up to my previous thread, I decided to go with neither of those tents and got the Suma 2 instead, since it seemed to be everything I was looking for.

The only footprint I was able to get was for the Midori 2, but the tents have the exact same floor size (4'5/3'9 x 7'4). I know the footprint should be a bit smaller than the tent, but it measures about 3-4" shorter per side... for example footprint is 3'2 for the side the tent spec is 3'9, so 7" shorter, or 3.5" away from each corner. Is this reasonable?
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Also there are only guyline loops on one side, and the back of the tent (front has vestibule). I'm not sure why they didn't include a loop on the other side, but is there any reason I shouldn't sew on my own loop and use a guyline on that side as well?

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