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7/25/2018 10:17 pm  #1

Eureka Midori vs. Taron advice

I'm in the market for a new tent and looking to spend $100-200 CAD. I just purchased the new Midori 2 (blue/green colour) for $150, but am debating returning it for either the old Midori 2 for $160, or the Taron 2 for $190.

It looks like the main difference between the two Midori versions, is that the newer version has 2 doors and 2 vestibules, a little more mesh, and an extra pole to prop up the centre height of the tent. The Taron has 1 door and 1 main vestibule, with a slightly smaller floor width 4'2" instead of 4'7" (at the Midori's widest).
 The tent will be used mostly for solo trips, and occasionally with a second person. I think I prefer 1 door and 1 vestibule to be honest, since it requires less space to pitch and the 2nd door/vestibule will never get used.
 My question is basically does anyone have a preference and/or recommendations on the Midori vs. the Taron? The new Midori that I just bought is the cheapest option, but it has the second door/vestibule which I don't care for. If I spend the extra $40 for the Taron, is it of higher quality and worth the price increase?

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7/27/2018 4:33 pm  #2

Re: Eureka Midori vs. Taron advice

I have a taron 2. From a specs perspective, other than the layout difference you mention, the taron is heavier fabric (floor and fly).

Have not seen/experienced the two in person.

The taron withstood heavy downpour  (and puddles) in killarney last year very well.


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