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6/28/2018 9:51 am  #18

Re: Bug Report?

Also interested, especially in the north end. Thanks!


6/28/2018 11:47 am  #19

Re: Bug Report?

They are bad. 
Was in the north last weekend and blackflies were not so much of a problem but mozzies were insane. There were some monster sized horse flies buzzing about as well.


7/02/2018 7:12 pm  #20

Re: Bug Report?

Stayed on Sunday lake this weekend. There bugs were crazy bad. Worst l've seen on 🇨🇦 long weekend. All 4 were out biting. The mozzy's were relentless. At dusk the bush hummed of mozzy's. Crazy. With the nuts heat l thought they might dwindle off a bit. But no lol. At anytime l woke during the night the tent was swarmed. Good thing l brought a screen tent to hang out in during the day too.

I'm just gone Fishin!

7/03/2018 8:30 am  #21

Re: Bug Report?

Quite a few mosquitoes when we arrived at Kiosk at 10pm  on Friday night.   We both had Permethrin treated bug jackets and I had also treated the two doors on our tent with Permethrin before the trip.  The door treatment really seemed to help as I never did see any mosquitoes hanging around on the door mesh and very few mosquitoes got inside the tent.   We spent the next two nights on an island in Manitou and the only time there were any appreciable number of mosquitos was shortly before 10pm.  The 1350m portage was of course buggy.


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