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3/28/2018 8:29 am  #1

Amazing "iNaturalist" Website

I've just come across an amazing website with which you can record your encounters with wildlife species, keep a 'life-list', connect with experts, and increase your knowledge by conversing with other naturalists.

Myself, I've just signed-up today and am very VERY impressed!

Following are just a couple of screen captures ...


3/28/2018 8:37 am  #2

Re: Amazing "iNaturalist" Website

You can get this as an app too! The local Nature Club uses it when they do Bio Blitzes (record as many species as possible in one area in one afternoon). I'm excited to try it around home and to try out the Identify feature (where you submit photos and people help you ID the species). 


3/28/2018 2:12 pm  #3

Re: Amazing "iNaturalist" Website

One Question .. .what's a moose and where can I see one ??


3/28/2018 2:16 pm  #4

Re: Amazing "iNaturalist" Website

Dead_Weight (DW) wrote:

One Question .. .what's a moose and where can I see one ??

It's a type of ice cream and you can usually find it at Kawartha Dairy outlets.

Or was that Moose Tracks? 

Either way it has chocolate in it. 

More seriously that site does look good. The eBirds site is pretty popular for Birders ( ) but this one covers a wider range of animals and my heart has always been with the mammals. 


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