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11/19/2017 3:44 pm  #1

Bill Mason videos

Maybe I am the last to find out,  but the national film board has many Bill Mason videos free online. watched "Waterwalker" last night chromecasted to the tv. Not exactly Algonquin but a good watch to keep you occupied in the winter months. They had about 10 of his videos available. I think anything NFB has sponsored is on the web site free to watch.


11/19/2017 9:31 pm  #2

Re: Bill Mason videos

Shark - great find eh? The NFB has more really great Mason films! You've seen Waterwalker (Great film - and a few seconds of it are actually filmed in Algonquin Park - the scene from 53:25 to 53:40 is the lower Petewawa River filmed from the top of the cliffs at the Natch - cool eh?!) I highly recommend Mason's other films that deal with wolves and the packs that he raised with his family up in Quebec. Some fantastic material in there and a thorough source for information on wolves. I've linked them below, they're free on

Cry of the Wolf (Bill Mason, 1972)
Death of a Legend (Bill Mason, 1971)
Wolf Pack (Bill Mason, 1974)


11/20/2017 8:44 am  #3

Re: Bill Mason videos

Thanks Shark and Peek! :-)


11/20/2017 9:31 am  #4

Re: Bill Mason videos

One of the Natch portages also makes a brief appearance (but I think the bear is spliced in from somewhere else).  Also there is footage of Battery Rapids farther up the Petawawa.  I haven't looked at the film recently, so can't give times for these.


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