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9/04/2017 3:21 pm  #1

my august vacation

As Walt Whitman said " if you want me again look for me under your boot soles".  I have completed all of the trails in Algonquin.  it only took a couple of years considering I live about 4.5 hours from the park.  I have trekked the WUT more than once, highlands twice and Eastern Pines once.  this has all been done solo except for one trip (but I had already walked it).  any recommendations for future adventures?


9/04/2017 5:41 pm  #2

Re: my august vacation

That's awesome solosal! I've hiked the WUT and Highland trails multiple times as well, but have yet to hike every day trail and the Eastern Pines - one day...

As for future adventures, here are a few multi-day ones that come to mind:

Killarney - the Lacloche Silhouette trail - about the same distance as the whole WUT, but more difficult terrain in many spots. The views at the higher elevations are absolutely breathtaking, and some sites in particular offer jaw-dropping beauty.

Lake Superior Provincial Park Coastal Trail - Fantastic coastal views and various forms of beautiful, rocky terrain along with sandy beaches througout. Some very difficult sections including rock-hopping and scrambling. The northern section is more remote - we parked our car at the main lot at the south end of the trail and took a '4X4 taxi' to the north end. We hiked further north, then back all the way south to the car - what a blast! We plan on going back that way one day to do the Pukaskwa trail as well...

Bruce Trail - Tobermory to Hope Bay - Amazing escarpment views of Georgian Bay abound all along this section. A real visual treat. Camping is somewhat limited, and is outlined in the Bruce Trail guide. We stayed at the Storm Haven and High Dump sites in Bruce Peninsula National park, took a break at a B&B, and then camped at the free areas at Reeds Dump and McKay's Harbour. Note that there's a camping option between High Dump and Reed's Dump.




9/08/2017 2:08 am  #3

Re: my august vacation

Hi Solosal, I'd like to extend my sincere congratulations to you. Hiking all the Algonquin trails solo is a dream of mine. It's a real challenge so I have great respect for your achievement.

A friend has done the Lake Superior Provincial Park Coastal Trail that Rich referred to and RAVES about it. He'd like to get me up there but I can't spare the time commitment.

Additionally there is a trail at Frontenac Provincial Park you might try. And I've just learned of the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail.

Happy Trails!



9/08/2017 11:50 am  #4

Re: my august vacation

Pukaskwa National Park also has a coastal trail similar to the one at Lake Superior Park.
The difficulty was similar to the Killarney La Cloche Silhouette Trail.


9/09/2017 8:33 am  #5

Re: my august vacation

The Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail mentioned by Tracey has piqued my interest as well. Wondering if anyone reading this has any experience with it?



9/13/2017 7:55 pm  #6

Re: my august vacation

There's the ganaraska trail,  starts from Port Hope,  it joins  the Bruce trail at glen Huron.
It's 400 km and can be walked in stages

Voyageurs trail, from Sudbury to Thunder Bay, in case you're into long haul trips


9/15/2017 8:16 pm  #7

Re: my august vacation

thanks everyone for your kind words, and suggestions.  my last trip was so wet, muddy and slippery that I was a tiny bit glad to be done backpacking for the year.  I have never experienced that much mud on a trail.  at one point the crossing of a trail was me wading crotch deep in water where it normally would be a tip toe across some rocks.  of course I want to return again.  checking out longer trails within other parks and will car camp to end out my camping season.  it will be a long winter and i'll plan another new adventure in Algonquin!

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