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7/29/2017 7:34 am  #1

Suggestions for Car Camping site - trip with nephews

Hi folks, I am planning a car-camping trip in mid-August that will introduce my 2 nephews to Algonquin. We will be in the park for 2 or 3 days and will be using the day hiking trails for entertainment.

Being more of a back-country guy, I am not familiar with the car-camping sites. I'd like to have one with a bit of privacy and we will be using tents, not a trailer or RV.

Any suggestions?



7/29/2017 11:44 am  #2

Re: Suggestions for Car Camping site - trip with nephews

Rock lake campground B is for tents. Has great sites right on the water, ( no privacy at all) no tree cover. There are also sites further away from the water and somewhat closed in. I liked it because it's close to the booth lake trail, no highway noise, no slamming trailer doors or generator noises, has swimming beach all along most upfront tent sites. But it might be real busy as in booked solid in August, therefore may not be what you're looking for.
However, it's fun to take a canoe and paddle rock lake, there's islands, the dam to galeiry lake paddle is a nice afternoon trip. If the kids holler loudly along the higher rock cliffs on that paddle they'll hear their echo.
If they like to fish then just below the dam in the fast water maybe fun. The dam is very wide, not high.
But even better, there are also paddle in sites on rock lake if youdd like more of a challenge.


7/29/2017 5:08 pm  #3

Re: Suggestions for Car Camping site - trip with nephews

Yeah, your biggest challenge isn't finding a site you like but finding a site at all. Mid-August is prime camping season and I think you're likely to find limited availability trying to book now. 

I just did a quick spot check on the reservations system to confirm my suspicions. Picking a mid-August date at random (the 15th) for two nights, some campgrounds have nothing available while the rest I checked have a handful of sites available at best. A paddle-in interior site might be a better option, if your nephews are up to it!


7/30/2017 9:12 am  #4

Re: Suggestions for Car Camping site - trip with nephews

Try Achray I would say Semi Private but great beach and some good hiking trails

Shawn G


7/30/2017 11:07 pm  #5

Re: Suggestions for Car Camping site - trip with nephews

Me and a couple buddies used to stay at Canisbay to ride the Minnessing trail... privacy is much better than at the other campgrounds I've driven through.
It was far enough off of the highway that there was no highway noise.
Has a nice beach too.


7/31/2017 6:12 am  #6

Re: Suggestions for Car Camping site - trip with nephews

Thank you for the responses, folks!

Uppa, you were bang on. Immediately after posting my question I checked out the reservation site and discovered only a handful of sites available. I was able to reserve one at Canisbay so I'll consider that a victory.

The rest of the information provided is useful for future trips, much appreciated!


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