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9/21/2015 10:11 am  #18

Re: Lake Popularity

ShawnD wrote:

Also very strange my wife and I are planned a trip in Oct for the colours and completely unrelated to this post guess which lake she told me she wants to go to? I told her TT is already over 1/2 booked for the first weekend in Oct but she still wants to go. I guess I should have just asked her my question instead of posting on here

Sunbeam, Little Doe and Barlett all only have 1 booking between them right now so I might be able to convince her to choose one of those instead.

You might also mention to your wife that October being after the average fall colours peak in Algonquin, lakes farther east, including those reached from access points a little farther east along the highway corridor, are the most likely to still be at their prime. When you read the park's info on (frontcountry) colour viewing at , there's a clear indication that peak colour moves from west to east, with places in the western half of the highway corridor recommended under "early-season viewing", and the Rock Lake and Centennial Ridges Roads noted as "This road is best for early/mid-October viewing." and the Rock

I'm considering hitting Pen the first weekend of Oct for that reason. That area might be more colourful than TT.


9/21/2015 12:34 pm  #19

Re: Lake Popularity

I may see you there as I am looking at the same lake for my wk vacation first wk of Oct. Been to Pen two yrs ago in Oct and it was fabulous.


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