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6/18/2017 12:08 pm  #1

Water Temperatures

I'm heading to AP for a few days of fishing in the north end of the park. Just wondering if anyone knows what the water temperatures are like. Have the Trout started moving deeper yet? 


6/19/2017 6:12 am  #2

Re: Water Temperatures

It's safe to assume they are heading downward in the lake to stay in the cooler water but I would expect they are feeding in 10-20' deep water presently and lingering a bit deeper.


6/20/2017 4:50 pm  #3

Re: Water Temperatures

Just in case you don't know, trout WILL COME UP TO FEED in surface water for a short spell.

As PaPaddler stated, I too feel trout are in deeper water at the moment.  Depth would be determined by the lake involved, but no more than 25 ft. at the moment would be my GUESS.


6/26/2017 4:36 pm  #4

Re: Water Temperatures

I was lake trout fishing in early May with a portable fish finder. Marked lake trout at 10 fow for 3 days, high  pressure moved in the all moved to 40-55 fow. They certainly can reposition themselves literally overnight. I know it's not encouraging but every lake is different and so is the weather on every trip.  With all the rain this spring they should not be too deep yet. I would plan to aim for 30-50.  Flat lining the shorelines might be productive early morning.

Follow the loons, they know where the bait is. Good luck


6/27/2017 8:09 am  #5

Re: Water Temperatures

I was talking to the lady at the Shall Lake Access point two days ago, she told me the lakes have now completely flipped.. meaning the lake trout are as low as they will be all summer and the bass and pike are feeding like crazy on the surface. I'm still fairly new to fishing but I believe her.. water temps are very warm ie. no issues with swimming and the bass are on a feeding frenzy!


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