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5/15/2017 6:15 pm  #18

Re: Post your boat!

breed85 wrote:

ATVenture wrote:

17' Swift Prospector in Kevlar Fusion.

That looks like it was taken at MAG access point.

Yessir. Late November of 2016.

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5/16/2017 12:17 pm  #19

Re: Post your boat!

Dontgraondaddy, gotta agree on all accounts.  My wife had a Subaru Forester for a few years and we had the hatch open one time...hit my head so hard I dented the thing and saw stars.  Haven't repeated that performance since.  Although it is similar to banging your shin on a trailer hitch...have done that repeatedly.


5/16/2017 12:31 pm  #20

Re: Post your boat!

Former boat, former car, and before I'd written off drive in camping for good, I too did my best to push this little hatchback to it's limits. I couldn't count the number of times I clocked myself silly walking around the end of it.

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5/17/2017 7:59 am  #21

Re: Post your boat!

Lol Basil - that is the most-pack v dub I've ever seen! CAMPING!

This is Kip (Original, I know) and she is going on her 4th season this year:


5/19/2017 10:21 pm  #22

Re: Post your boat!

This one WAS my ride a long time ago.  I'm posting this because if anybody can understand this note, the group that frequents this site can.  In the late 70's, my dad bought this canoe in order to take me fishing on a lake nearby that a friend had told him about where we could find northern pike.  Dad had been "fished out" by his dad when he was young, but I enjoyed fishing, so dad was kind of stuck.  The friend drew a map of the lake for dad, where to go on it, what time of day, what lures use, and we caught fish.  It was terrific.  Later on, this canoe made at least one trip to Algonquin, in...1991 - the only camping trip I EVER took with my dad.  Magnetawan to Daisy, where dad's sleeping bag got soaked, the next day to Misty - the only time camping I never was able to get a fire going was that second day - it rained for three days without stopping and we cut it short a day.  But I got to show dad a moose (it walked right across my path because it had a calf I hadn't seen on my right), and we saw a bear (from the car).  I logged a lot of miles on the Erie canal with this boat, trolling for smallmouth, and had the opportunity to paddle my grandmother around one time on Chautauqua lake in NY when she was around 80 if not a few years older.  17 Grumman "lightweight model" (72 pounds).  It was always a pretty good carry to tell the truth, well balanced and pretty comfortable.  It has been in my folks' garage unused since 1992.  We're donating it to a little Christian camp about an hour south of my home.  I used to go there for weekend retreats when I was a kid, my daughter has gone there for summer camp a few times, and will again this summer.  The camp was sold by the local presbytery a few years ago, some people bought it and have been operating it in much the same way for several years now.  The camp got second life, and now the boat will as well.  They have a tiny pond there, and a couple of beat up canoes.  Now they'll have one that is in good shape, at least for now.  There will be kids playing with it in the water who might not otherwise get to be in a canoe, swamping it, laughing, splashing, and enjoying it.  I couldn't be happier about that.  I'm going to paint "Grampa" on the inside before taking it down there tomorrow, so my daughter knows which canoe was grampa's. Maybe the kids will call it Grampa, and that works for me.  I called dad to tell him what we were doing with the boat.  He says "What if I need a canoe?" He's joking.  I hope...he can barely walk up stairs, shuffle walks, has a pacemaker and is 85.  He's hanging in there, but he isn't canoeing anymore that's for sure, and barely ever did to begin with.  I told him if he needed a canoe I'd set him up.  I never thought I'd feel nostalgic for this boat, but once I got it down and on the car I did, and wanted to share it with you guys.


5/20/2017 11:58 am  #23

Re: Post your boat!

25 years sitting in a garage and now it's getting a new life, thanks to you giving up a piece of your history. Great story, great memories. 

You only ever went camping with your dad once, which means you beat me by one. If my dad has ever sat in a canoe or kayak, or slept in a tent in his life it would be news to me. I took my daughter camping for the first time when she was 10 months old. That didn't go terribly well, but we're trying again this summer when she'll be almost 2. Not backcountry mind you - I think I'll wait until she's out of diapers for that. 

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5/22/2017 5:52 pm  #24

Re: Post your boat!

New to me as of last year, a Swift Carbon Fusion 16 ft Prospector weighing in at about 34 pounds. 

​I do have to baby it at put ins and take out but its a pleasure to paddle and carry.
upload image


6/05/2017 9:02 pm  #25

Re: Post your boat!

My Necky Narpa. She's an 18' ocean tourer. 65lbs but lots of room for gear on extended trips. She'll even wake surf up to about 12 knots. I've managed 11 kmh with a large golf umbrella, a stiff wind, and younger arms

The only web pic I seem to have of my Current Designs. She's 17' 8" also an ocean tourer.

apperently with my post count I can't post a pic link. I'll leave this in case it self fixes after I go over the limit.

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Sea Kayaker stuck in the middle of the country too far from the ocean.

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