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6/05/2017 8:53 am  #18

Re: New Thermacell Backpacker

Great, thanks. I ordered one from as well. I have a ton of strips left over from the handheld which should last me a while. Let us know how those other strips work out.


6/05/2017 11:27 am  #19

Re: New Thermacell Backpacker

Legit question: Do these things actually work?

A buddy brough one of those 'clip-on' types a few years back and I didn't notice any difference - but this one screws onto a gas cannister - seem a little more complex and perhaps more effective? Has anyone actually use this product yet? If it works it's something I'd like to add to the inventory.

Any insight you guys may have would be appreciated,


6/05/2017 11:56 am  #20

Re: New Thermacell Backpacker

Thermacells work great. Now, having said that there a few things to consider.
1) Firstly the effects are not instant. Usually takes a good 10-15 mins for an area to get cleared.
2) it works best when there isn't a breeze or when it's not windy. 
3) it's expensive, especially buying the refills.

For best results we bring a few and place them in a zone around our sitting area. I go and plant one by the Thunderbox in the morning as I'm getting my coffee prepped. They do work. The reason I'm excited about the Backpacker is that you don't have to worry about the fuel running out. 

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6/05/2017 12:16 pm  #21

Re: New Thermacell Backpacker

cool - thanks for the info RC!


6/05/2017 5:57 pm  #22

Re: New Thermacell Backpacker

I didnt take time to look up and compare pricing but for those interested. PrincessAuto sells Thermacell and its 15% off in their current flyer.


6/05/2017 6:17 pm  #23

Re: New Thermacell Backpacker

I looked at them at Sail, Crappy tire, Princess, and Walmart. Princess beat everyone on the devices by a few bux to ten bux depending on item and who you're comparing. The consumables are the same price within a few cents everywhere. 

For my trip to Lynda this weekend I now have 2 handhelds and the lantern. My boss asked me 3 times today If I really needed the weekend off... after reading bug reports I'm wondering if I should take the work :-(

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