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8/23/2016 12:43 pm  #1

Opeongo to Shippagew: Days 3 and 4 (one video)

The final video of this trip is now up! Due to a combination of a not-so-waterproof waterproof camera and being out of batteries for my SLR, I had very little footage of the last day (Day 4) so I combined 3 and 4 into a single video. I hope you enjoy it and, as before, feedback is appreciated!

Watch it here.


8/26/2016 6:34 pm  #2

Re: Opeongo to Shippagew: Days 3 and 4 (one video)

Great series! Really beautiful! You haven't sold me on a Kayak, but only because I love my canoes! You've certainly shown that you can take a kayak just about anywhere you put your mind to. Is your paddle carbon. Ever afraid it will break when you are pushing out of the muck?


8/27/2016 11:19 am  #3

Re: Opeongo to Shippagew: Days 3 and 4 (one video)

Thanks for replying - I was really hearing the crickets chirp on this post! The good news is this was the final video of the trip, so I'm done for now. My next camping trip is actually coming up soon and I do intend to make videos for it as well (having learned a few things I think), but I'll try to pace myself ;) 

In all my trips in Algonquin only four have been in a canoe. With a wife and a dog and a baby I can feel the pressures of a canoe calling, but my solo trips will always and forever be done in a kayak. I love it too much to change. So I hear you - you couldn't get me out of my kayak either.

Yeah, it's a carbon fiber paddle - a Werner Kalliste bent shaft to be specific. I'm always really careful with it when I'm using it to push, pole, or getting in/out of the kayak, so no I haven't been worried. That being said, a paddle doesn't have to be mistreated to break, sometimes it just happens.  I've so far neglected to take a backup paddle on any of my trips and gotten away with it, but there will come a day when I'll regret that choice!

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8/27/2016 6:07 pm  #4

Re: Opeongo to Shippagew: Days 3 and 4 (one video)

I'll add a brief comment to help quell those crickets. As with the other two videos I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I thought adding a Jeff's Map visual of your routes was a great addition. It really helps one visualize where it is you are and where you are going. Great work and I'll look forward to the next series.


8/27/2016 10:05 pm  #5

Re: Opeongo to Shippagew: Days 3 and 4 (one video)

I'm saving this video to watch when I get to the office on Monday  


8/30/2016 6:01 pm  #6

Re: Opeongo to Shippagew: Days 3 and 4 (one video)

@RC: thanks for the feedback! I've got some new ideas for my next trip so hopefully I can crank it up a notch. 

@Steve: I think I've watched Lesta's entire video collection while at work. Best place for it!

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