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7/14/2016 11:41 am  #1

Algonquin spring canoe trip 2016 - video

I made a video for my spring canoe trip. I don't plan enough to actually do a full story/trip type video. Maybe next time. Instead it turned into a music video. I think it captures how I felt. Hope you enjoy! 

Full Trip report can be found here: 

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7/14/2016 4:20 pm  #2

Re: Algonquin spring canoe trip 2016 - video

Great music video Martin.  I didn't realize you use a bent shaft. Are you happy with it, meaning do you find your correction strokes are effective enough to call it a success? I haven't tried using one solo and I was considering it.


7/14/2016 8:24 pm  #3

Re: Algonquin spring canoe trip 2016 - video

Even though the video was energetic, it sure was refreshing! I think it was that snow on the portages that started cooling me off and letting me forget the summer heat. Good timing!


7/14/2016 9:58 pm  #4

Re: Algonquin spring canoe trip 2016 - video

Great video
Heading in Tuesday.  Really puts me in the mood. Not sure how I'm gonna make it through 3 more days of work though. . Thanks.


7/14/2016 10:15 pm  #5

Re: Algonquin spring canoe trip 2016 - video

@Shawn. Thanks Shawn I appreciate it!

I have been using the paddle in the video as my solo paddle since 2012. The boat, the paddle and I fit really well together. It is a 51" Foxworx FFG and I love, love, love it! I have 9 paddles, this is the only one I love.  I have absolutely no problem going straight for hours on end and I don't switch sides. I never 'sit-and-switch'. I pretty much do a Canadian stroke on every stroke. The partial in-water retrieve acting as correction. I also roll or pry the shaft off the gunwales with every stroke (That is why I put whipping on the shaft). More or less correction is achieved by adjusting the length and angle of the retrieve. Sometimes I do a bit of a C stroke or J stroke when momentum is low or I need to do a sharp turn. It is completely unconscious on my part.

I can't say for sure it's the bend I like. The paddle is amazingly balanced and light at just over 15oz. It has a fantastic round football type grip. It has a wonderful tapered shaft that gets quite large at the throat encouraging a loose lower hand grip. Relatively small blade surface area. It is almost effortless to hold and use. It's this in combination with the look and feel of wood that I like. 

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7/14/2016 10:20 pm  #6

Re: Algonquin spring canoe trip 2016 - video

@ Barry and Shyane. Thank you!

Making this video made me pine for Spring. It is too hot right now!

Shayne, you can make it 3 days! I was supposed to go into the park this weekend with my son. Unfortunately, work got in the way. No more Algonquin interior trips for me until fall.

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