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7/01/2016 8:48 am  #18

Re: Western or Highland for first trip

FYI - here's a link to Jeff's APP map which includes the hiking trails in case you don't already have it:
I understand where you're coming from in terms of craving solitude and hiking out the demons, and I do think the WUT is a perfect option for this. Feel free to PM me if you wanted to discuss any finer details...


7/01/2016 9:58 am  #19

Re: Western or Highland for first trip

spicol wrote:

AT, what's the date of that Madawaska "falls" pic? I've never seen such little water there!

Spicol, I think that pic is from my first trip on that trail back in October 2005.  

In regards to the Algonquin trails being boring: Well, I agree they lack the spectacular vistas you would find in a more mountainous terrain but they have a beauty all their own. 

Sammy, this being your first backpacking endeavour, keep it to a single loop even if you're 25 and in great condition. You'll have a great time. 
Killarney is beautiful but La Cloche Silhouette Trail is a 7-10 day trip - not something you want to try your first time out.

Being your first time, why don't you post about the gear and food you plan to bring. Many here can help you pare it down to the essentials. Backpacks have a magical ability to get heavier and heavier as you go along.

And, yes, Corky is always up to the occasion.


7/01/2016 10:25 am  #20

Re: Western or Highland for first trip

If you are new to this, how do you know where your limits are? Serious question.

I think people overestimate how far they can backpack. After all its only walking. Right? Plus I'm going to assume you haven't figured out how to go really light. that takes money and experience. You may think 20k a day sounds reasonable. But, your hip flexors, shins, achillies, and feet may say othwise until your body has had a few hundred KM worth of trail to break in. Also 20k along Eastern Pines may as well be light years away from 20k in Killarney or the Adirondacks. Terrain makes all the difference.

I don't think pushing yourself to the limit while being 30k from help is a great idea. You could do a perimeter trip of Frontenac Park in 2 or 3 nights. It's ~60k which should be challenging for someone new at this. Plus there are options that allow you to bail early if you realize you bit off more than you can chew.

Out of the options listed, the second loop of Algonquins Western Uplands will probably give you the most solitude.


7/01/2016 12:05 pm  #21

Re: Western or Highland for first trip

Thanks everyone! W Loop it shall be so I can learn then next month Kilarney

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7/04/2016 6:34 pm  #22

Re: Western or Highland for first trip

Here's a question to gauge your readiness: how many flights of stairs can you climb before you get winded? Before you need to stop?

It's the inclines, not the miles that get most people.


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