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6/30/2021 4:51 pm  #1

Mylar Bags for Dehydrated Meals- suggestions?

Hi all, anybody have other sources/options for mylar bags for dehydrated meals? My normal go to for 8x12 inch bags was

and they no longer sell them with ziplock have to buy their "sealer" for $175 to heat seal the bag....


6/30/2021 7:08 pm  #2

Re: Mylar Bags for Dehydrated Meals- suggestions?

Whats wrong with freezer bags? They can take hot water. All of the meals that I dehydrate or repackage at home have been double bagged in freezer bags. I bought a vacuum sealer a couple of years ago now, so today they are vacuum sealed. Either way, I'm no fan of freezer bag cooking. That gets old fast. For me everything goes into a pot for final cooking and recombination. Then eaten out of the pot or put on a plate if it's a group meal.

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7/01/2021 6:34 am  #3

Re: Mylar Bags for Dehydrated Meals- suggestions?

I'm with Martin - I use ziploc bags and rehydrate contents in my pot/bowl.  I often don't use the freezer version and just use the thinner sandwich bag or quart sized bags as the contents do not stay in the freezer more than a month before a trip.  I typically make my packaging choices based upon reduction in weight and waste so an 8" X 12" would be larger than needed for most of my dehydrated dishes.


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