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2/13/2020 10:02 pm  #1

The Nip campsites below Remona portage

We will be traveling 6 people, including 2 small kids, with a dog and two large tents (3- and 4-person). Anyone  who's familiar with sites at Osler marsh and Nadine portage please help: will such a band feel comfortable at one of these sites? Are they spacey? For a reference: I'm trying to break a route between Robinson and Osler in two halves.


2/13/2020 10:45 pm  #2

Re: The Nip campsites below Remona portage

If you go upstream the first site in the south side of the Nip at High Falls is pretty good. The campsite at Osler Marsh was destroyed in last springs flood. It is a mess of jumbled driftwood. We saw the thunderbox about a Kilometre downstream. I don't think there is even space for two tents. I have passed through the site at the Nadine port twice. It is not great. I haven't looked around long enough to see if it had space for two large tents. Hopefully someone else will chime in.

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2/14/2020 8:46 am  #3

Re: The Nip campsites below Remona portage

The Nadine portage is spacious at the Nip end but it was SUPER buggy when we landed there. Sandy "otterslide" down to the water and a spring nearby as noted on Jeff's Map.

As stated above, skip the Osler Marsh site. Think of it as a worst-case emergency site.

When I went by the lower High Falls site, it was a solid 1 meter climb to get up to the site from the river. Could've been a water level situation but I mention it because it didn't seem very kid-friendly.

If you just need a one-night stay between Robinson and Osler, why not go to Nadine? Such a pretty little lake. Otherwise, I'd give Remona a shot. The Nip really had no redeeming campsite qualities in that section that I could recall.


2/14/2020 6:48 pm  #4

Re: The Nip campsites below Remona portage

Thanks for advise, very helpful. Didn’t want t go to Nadine for it adds 1.5km of hilly portage on top of another 3km that day, but looks like there’s no other choice.

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