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4/28/2019 6:08 am  #1

Help on Posting Pictures Here?

Would somebody please offer some guidance on how I can upload pictures to this forum nowadays? It seems the TinyPic site no longer works for me, and I've now tried three different web-based photo hosting services and when I enter the URL in the photo posting pop-up and click OK nothing happens. Is it a browser issue? I'm using Chrome. Appreciate any help anyone can offer. Quite frustrated at the moment.



4/28/2019 7:28 am  #2

Re: Help on Posting Pictures Here?


4/28/2019 8:18 am  #3

Re: Help on Posting Pictures Here?

Thank you Barry! Although I was following all of these steps the sample URL you provided in that previous thread was the key to solving this. Much appreciated.

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