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8/12/2015 6:16 pm  #1

A question regarding posting pictures

Hey Barry ,
I'm not too good with the electronic stuff ( Big Smile ) 
Curious how to post a picture , not able to link photos from my pc picture or document file , they don't paste in the box .
What is an http ...... URL  ? Seriously I have no clue .
Any comparison your able to provide  to the photobucket link used on the present forum



8/12/2015 7:14 pm  #2

Re: A question regarding posting pictures

Hey John

When you're making a posting and want to insert an image file, you first have to have it online in PhotoBucket or some such service. Last week you posted some photos in your thread titled "
Curious of Thee Turtle Rock ... Kitchi Mikinak". The first photo was located at .. . If this were the Network54 forum, simply copy/pasting would have caused the image to appear in the posting.
In this new forum, one has to follow an extra couple of steps, as shown in the following image ..

1. Click on the posting window's "Image Icon".
2. That brings up the "Image Properties" box and its text input field, which you then paste the same image URL into.
3. You then click on the "OK".
4. You then click on the "Expand" icon to enlarge the posting window so you can see the message and image full-size.

(Clicking on the "expand" icon again will revert back to the original size posting window and allow you to then click on the Submit icon.)

I'm following these same four steps to insert your photo from its Photobucket URL (universal resouce location).



8/13/2015 12:36 pm  #3

Re: A question regarding posting pictures

Thanks for the help Barry , will try to test post a picture after this second post . 

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8/16/2015 6:33 am  #4

Re: A question regarding posting pictures

I'm not seeing the toolbar at the top of the quick post box. Could it because I'm on a tablet?  I changed my settings to not show me a mobile version but join has changed. Any ideas?


8/16/2015 7:52 am  #5

Re: A question regarding posting pictures

Hi "occcanuck"
Yea. This sounds like one of the tablet problems I refer to in .

"In the case of devices using the Android operating system, one of the most "PHP" compliant web-browsers appears to be Dolphin. In this case, both Chrome and Firefox sometimes appear to not fully support certain "PHP" features. One of the "PHP" generated features which appears to sometime give certain browsers hardship is image-insertion in the posting process."

If you were to download the "Dolphin" android web-browser, you might be able to get the image posting feature OK.

BTW: As you'll see in your "Where Is This" posting, I copied, downsized and reloaded your photo.


8/17/2015 9:57 pm  #6

Re: A question regarding posting pictures

Thank you for that. I think I will stick to posting pics from the computer for now. Hopefully I'll get it right next time.


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8/25/2015 5:11 pm  #9

Re: A question regarding posting pictures

JC where the heck are ya. I can't have and AA forum without your pics!!


11/04/2019 12:27 pm  #10

Re: A question regarding posting pictures

Here's a good and easy site to use for free photo uploads and posting:


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