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10/17/2018 6:19 am  #1

Barron Canyon in Mid-September

Hey everyone,

I went to the Barron Canyon in September with some buddies from work. I love that part of the Park, hands down my favorite area (so far). Here’s the trip report.




10/17/2018 2:19 pm  #2

Re: Barron Canyon in Mid-September

Drew - I always enjoy your entertaining TR's, and this one is no exception.  Thanks for posting.

I'm also glad you're beginning to appreciate Ooze Lake a little more, although mid-September is not the best time for checking out wetland plants.  I think the local flora peak some time in late June when the bugs are at their worst (from the human point of view, but best for flowers since they have to get pollinated somehow http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png

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10/17/2018 6:53 pm  #3

Re: Barron Canyon in Mid-September

Thank you Diana!

I’ll have to check Ooze out next spring to get the full effect. Even without the plants being in full bloom I enjoyed this visit more than the last one for some reason. Well, probably because it was the start of the day this time instead of the end of it.

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10/18/2018 7:32 am  #4

Re: Barron Canyon in Mid-September

Thanks!! My favourite part of the park also!


10/25/2018 3:25 pm  #5

Re: Barron Canyon in Mid-September

Drew - have you camped in the canyon? Worth looking at, or better off going in and out same day?


10/25/2018 8:43 pm  #6

Re: Barron Canyon in Mid-September

I camped in the canyon years ago. I really enjoyed it, had a great spot. Recently I’ve been doing day trips into the canyon and camping closer to High Falls because I’m usually in with people who Haven’t done much tripping and I find the fewer fully loaded portages the better. But you can’t go wrong with either option, IMO.

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