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7/27/2018 6:55 am  #1

Moose sighting Opportunities

Anyone know if there's decent Moose sighting opportunities along the McManus to Whitson lake stretch ?  or in that general area?

I know its really a stretch of the Petawawa river but it's not a small river like the Crow so I'm not sure that there's as much for them to munch on along the river ... I'm looking for that early morning or late evening moose sighting opportunity ...


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7/27/2018 8:16 am  #2

Re: Moose sighting Opportunities

Yeah we saw one at the upstream end of Whitson our first night there. I can't really say if you're any more or less likely to find a moose there relative to anywhere else in the park but they are around. 


7/27/2018 9:49 am  #3

Re: Moose sighting Opportunities

Thanks Rob ... I've seen them a lot along the Crow ... but it has the typical vegetation growing on the sides of the river ...

I've been to Sec a number of times but never went looking in the AM there for any ... you seen any in that area ?

Like to give my kids a chance to see one from the canoe  ...

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7/27/2018 2:42 pm  #4

Re: Moose sighting Opportunities

Isn't hunting permitted in most of the east side of the park?  If so, that would make them more skittish and wary...and less likely to find and get close to.


7/27/2018 3:58 pm  #5

Re: Moose sighting Opportunities

I haven't been in to Sec. I've thought about heading there but haven't made it yet. 


7/27/2018 6:05 pm  #6

Re: Moose sighting Opportunities

We spotted a moose from a distance on Sec back in May.  It was in the marshy area beside the portage to Wet Lake.


7/27/2018 8:58 pm  #7

Re: Moose sighting Opportunities

That's pretty cool UpTheCreek.  I've been to the Sand Lake area and Sec Lake specifically a ton of times with my kids and have never seen moose.  On the east side, we saw a moose on Travers once, and earlier this spring on Booth Lake near McCarthy Creek.  (Booth is a nice trip with kids; a decent adventure without it being too far and difficult)


7/30/2018 8:47 am  #8

Re: Moose sighting Opportunities

I have heard a lot of good things about Booth ... It's hard for me and the kids because we want to try someplace new but always really enjoy Sec .. and its very convenient. 

Speaking of the Sec area  ... I have never portaged to either of the adjoining lakes ... anyone think it's worth checking out ? 

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7/30/2018 10:02 am  #9

Re: Moose sighting Opportunities

So just to expand this topic a bit ... where in the park has the best "canoe" moose spotting opportunities?

I have seen them paddling from opeongo to Big Crow ... crow river to lavielle. Dickson.  I know that Tim is pretty good ... any other places?  


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7/30/2018 12:39 pm  #10

Re: Moose sighting Opportunities

[edit] Hailstorm  [/edit] Creek off Opeongo is supposed to have the highest density of moose anywhere in the world. 

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7/30/2018 2:44 pm  #11

Re: Moose sighting Opportunities

The Nip upstream from Cedar Lake has some prime real estate...and is relatively easy to access from Ottawa.  


7/31/2018 6:40 am  #12

Re: Moose sighting Opportunities

If you are canoeing through marshy areas and see that lily pads have been bitten off, leaving only the stems, there are moose in the area. Lily pads are a favorite food and moose like to stay in the water where bugs can't get at them and feed there.

I agree that the moose hunt has made them less visible, so areas west of the Shirley road should be better for sightings.

Near Hwy 60. the Madawaska runs through marshy areas west of LOTR and so does Costello creek south of Opeongo... Costello creek is interesting since you can observe moose from the cliffs on the Opeongo lookout with binoculars or a spotting scope. No guarantee you'll see moose but there's still the view and the sunset.

PS... another place to try near Hwy 60 could be Mud Bay north of the Whitney access point... lots of wetland area there..

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8/04/2018 9:21 am  #13

Re: Moose sighting Opportunities

I just got back from a trip in the Cedar area.  I watched a moose eat lunch on the side of Longer Lake a few days ago.  I've had no luck with moose the two times I've been on the Nip.  I also had some hopes to spot one on Otterslide Creek, Crow River, and Little Madawaska on this last trip, but no such luck.


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