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3/31/2018 8:25 am  #1

How late in the season do you guys hot tent?

I have only cold camped. but think a hot tent even into first week or two of may would be great.  Got cold and wet one spring opener took all day to warm up.  

The older i get , the less tolerant i think i am of cold camping.



3/31/2018 10:30 am  #2

Re: How late in the season do you guys hot tent?

I've used my hot tent in the shoulder seasons in Algonquin a few times and it was nice.  Temps can still dip down and things can get cold and damp so having the stove is always nice.  Having said that my tent is not overly waterproof so I tend not to use it anymore unless temps are staying below freezing.  But if it was waterproof I'd likely use it in Oct/Nov and April/May, if they were calling for wet or colder weather.


3/31/2018 9:26 pm  #3

Re: How late in the season do you guys hot tent?

John that exactly the tent I was looking at.

Infigured even if I got the smallest snowtrekker or the second smallest,  The smallest stove would provide all the heat I need in the shoulder seasons.  April/May and maybe into Nov in the fall.

Plus the guys I camp with who don’t have a hot tent could at least come in to warm up and have a coffee etc. The two main people I camp with are both hammock campers in the shoulder seasons. So a place out of the elements would be beneficial to all.

I must have bad luck seems like every shoulder season trip I do lately starts with a day of rain and temps right at freezing.  So back packing/ portaging in the rain to make sure your good and soaked from rain or sweat,cause it’s 100 percent humid, then freeze.

Really got me looking at a light snowtrekker.

Is there a Canadian distributor for snowtrekker?

Nice set up John.

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4/01/2018 5:09 pm  #4

Re: How late in the season do you guys hot tent?

We use hot tents for early and late season white water trips. Temagami river in December and HWY 7 runs in April. The hot tent is amazing that time of year! Without it I would be doing day trips instead of camping trips.


5/11/2018 5:19 pm  #5

Re: How late in the season do you guys hot tent?

Just wanted to compliment you on that night time photo of your Snowtrekker, John. They look so nice lit up at night with proper exposure. 


5/12/2018 8:13 am  #6

Re: How late in the season do you guys hot tent?

One alternative to Snowtrekker is Atuk Tents. Made by a guy in Quebec (whose name is Guy hahaha - really nice dude). I have the Kanguk and Alaskan tents. 

Compared to Snowtrekker, Atuk tents use a central pole instead of aluminum frame, and the stove is more central. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. Central pole relies more on guy lines for stability, but I think it's easier to take down as the aluminum frame poles can freeze together. But it does require a bit more skill. More central stove location does not require outside stabilization of the chimney and heats more efficiently. But takes more central space... My 10x10 Alaskan with 7oz canvas is very light, at 12lbs + 2 lb central pole, I think it's lighter than the Snowtrekker. Quality of both brands is excellent. has excellent forums as well.



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