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Equipment » Everything you ever wanted to know about everything » Today 6:53 pm

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Superior One doesn't soak water if there's a waterproof liner inside. Except for seams it's more or less waterproof and the seams let water flow in either direction. Theoretically It would be nice to have it dry, but it gains very little weight wet, even sitting in bilge water or after a swim.

This season I'm planning on getting new Platypus 1L QuickDraw Microfilter System (to replace my Steripen). According to reviews it requires no cleaning beyond shaking, believe it or not.

Trip Planning » Last Night of a 3 day trip?? » Today 8:28 am

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Booked 2 nights on Bonnechere and 1 on Kenneth late Sept.  🤞the world is a better place by then...

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