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Trip Planning » Petawawa River / Otterslide Creek Water levels » Today 7:38 am

hi h.p.   check out "algonquin park advisories" on the web site
   sections of algonquin are shown with each balloon, click on the balloon for more info,,  hope this helps,

Trip Planning » Petawawa River / Otterslide Creek Water levels » Today 7:32 am

Hey all! 

Travelling one way from Magnetawan to Canoe Lake at the end of this week, and was wondering if anyone had paddled the Petawawa from Daisy L through to White Trout, or Otterslide creek recently that could report water levels? Was in the south part of the park in mid July and water levels were very low. Thanks!

Equipment » Solo trip - canoe type? » Yesterday 7:14 pm

I had a Grumman ages ago with a thwart immediately behind the bow seat.  Took it out so I could turn around and paddle it solo.  Obviously some hulls will be more forgiving of that transgression than others.  If the thwart is immediately in back of the seat, you may find that the seat helps act as a thwart, particlularly if there is still a center thwart remaining, which is the case most of the time for a tandem.  That said, I swapped out the center thwart on my canvas canoe, the canoe sprung open a bit and I thought I'd never get the two sides close enough together to get the replacement thwart in there.  (It was hard to pull the canoe together with one hand, position the thwart with my other hand, and drive the screws with my other other hand.)  

Trip Planning » Wow, the backcountry is overrun! » Yesterday 5:33 pm

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yellowcanoe wrote:

Note that the requirement to pay for additional vehicles on a backcountry trip now mean it is advantageous for a group to register as several small groups corresponding to the number of vehicles they would be bringing.   This will result in fewer campsites in use as a group that made several reservations will only use one campsite on a lake.

I just finished  booking a 5 day trip for Wednesday, August 19 to Sunday August 23 and had a lot of difficulty in getting something that would work despite a start point of Brent.  The web site was telling me that Radiant Lake was fully booked on Thursday, August 20.   It's a nice lake but I was a little dubious that it would be fully booked on a weeknight.  However the kicker was finding that Gouinlock was also fully booked for the same night.  Sorry, but I am very skeptical that two separate groups would have that lake booked that night -- it seems much more likely that one group has made two bookings to avoid the extra vehicle fee.  We also just finished a week long trip from Opeongo to Canoe Lake and were unable to book Tom Thompson Lake on any date within the period we wanted to do the trip.   The entire schedule for that trip was based on the availability of a site on Little Doe on Monday, August 9 - the only night around that date that a site was available.   However, when we paddled through Tom Thompson on our way to Little Doe it seemed that an awful lot of campsites were empty.    I don't think Little Doe filled up either based on the amount of canoe traffic we saw -- our four some in our early to mid 60's managed to get the prime flat point site at the entrance to the main part of Doe Lake after travelling from Macintosh Lake.

Equipment » Solo trip - canoe type? » Yesterday 4:40 pm

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PaPaddler wrote:

Bottom line for most people, paddling a tandem canoe backwards while sitting in the front seat is the most elegant solution.

That's not an option if there is a thwart immediately behind the bow seat.  I got that covered in our Swift Kipawa tandem boat as we got it with a kneeling thwart and I also have a Swift Osprey solo canoe.  However, I don't get to do solo canoe trips because my wife always wants to come with me!

Trip Planning » How do permits works now? » Yesterday 4:37 pm

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Yeah that's my point, if you are hoping that people won't show up it's not going to happen since there's no one to check in with. The site could be vacant and no one would know . . .

Catch-all Discussions » Hay Creek Road? » Yesterday 3:24 pm

I have taken this road a few times over the past few years down to Cauliflower.  Definitely need a 4x4 as the road has some deep ruts in a few spots.  The road continues to Little Cauliflower and beyond, but the road gets worse as you go deeper in.

Trip Planning » Kiosk loop! » Yesterday 12:31 pm

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Great notes, thanks!
Also seconding a need for details on Lost Light!  I'm not holding my breath for Jeff to drop his delicious cartography just before I head out.

Trip Planning » Kiosk loop! » Yesterday 12:20 pm

I did this exact loop 5 years ago, if you haven't read my trip report you might find it helpful:

Trip Planning » Kiosk loop! » Yesterday 12:03 pm

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So what’s the story with the naming of lost light falls

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