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4/11/2016 8:08 pm  #18

Re: Fishers?

I thought I saw one in the Ganaraska forest and did a little research, according to wickepedia they will kill bobcats and lynx at times so they must be pretty ferocious.


4/12/2016 12:28 pm  #19

Re: Fishers?

A number of years ago I canoed down Sunday Creek just after ice out.  There was a moose carcass in the bog that wolves had been feeding on over the winter and I wanted to see what was left of it.  As I was poking around the remains I heard a blood curdling scream come from the forest.  A few moments later a Fisher appeared on a rocky outcrop, screamed again and then bounded back into the forest.  If I hadn't seen the fisher I would have had no idea what made that sound.  It was like nothing I'd heard before.


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4/17/2016 8:04 pm  #20

Re: Fishers?

Hello all
Getting caught up on all the goings' on in the message board after the winter hiatus. This subject caught my attention as my one encounter with a " fisher cat" is one of my best experiences in the park.

It was my second trip in to the park, solo as always, and I was staying on Pen Lk. I had arrived, set up camp, gathered wood and built a fire and had prepared my dinner. At that time I was eating meat, which I no longer eat, and I had cooked up a dinner of bacon and eggs. My site was high up on a beautiful cliff of rock overlooking the lake. I took my meal, which I eagerly anticipated woofing down after a long day, and scrambled down the rocks to sit on a large boulder at the waters edge. As a took my first bite of food, I noticed a flash of movement to my right along the rocky shoreline. BEAR? No. I saw a small fella scrambling towards me along the rocks, his eyes peering intently on me. I thought at first it was an otter, but then realized it was something I was not familiar with. I have never seen martins or fishers, or even mink so I was baffled at this critter. He stopped about six ft from me and cocked his head. His little black teddy bear ears pricked forward in curiosity. " Hi little buddy" I said. He was just the cutest thing I'd ever seen. He looked at me in that "puppy with his head cocked to one side way" and then turned and trotted back the way he came. When I got home I immediately did my research and realized it was a fisher cat. Can't say I was afraid or would be again if I had another encounter like it. He was cute as a button and clearly coveting my bacon lol.

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4/20/2016 3:17 pm  #21

Re: Fishers?

Kelly - that is an awesome story.  Thanks for sharing that one!


3/18/2017 1:04 pm  #22

Re: Fishers?

We have fishers go through our yard all the time - we are right on the edge of Algonquin.

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4/01/2017 12:17 pm  #23

Re: Fishers?

I saw one on Hogan Lake back around 2006....by the way, Fishers love to eat cats.

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4/11/2017 1:55 pm  #24

Re: Fishers?

I came across one in a tree in the dark on the way to the privy last spring. My headlamp lit it up and it froze, started hissing at me. I almost didn't need the privy after that.


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