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12/15/2016 1:33 pm  #69

Re: Your Favorite Algonquin Pics

A few pics from this September and October of Brownie, a 16 year-old Husky mix I've been taking care of for a friend who is working a contract in the US. I've taken her hiking for years and had her up on the WUT last year but her legs weren't up to it this season so I decided to take her on a couple of canoe trips. Corky gallantly lent Brownie her PFD in respect of her advanced years. Never having been in a canoe, she had a difficult time getting comfortable until she figured out her butt fit perfectly into the bow.

She enjoyed the trips and I'm glad I took her as we had to put her down a couple of weeks ago when her legs gave out on her. She'll get one more trip next year, though, so I can spread some of her ashes around one of the sites she enjoyed so much. She's at Rainbow Bridge now with all the energy of her youth waiting for those who loved her. RIP, Brownie. You were a good dog.


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12/20/2016 2:35 pm  #70

Re: Your Favorite Algonquin Pics

It is sooooo very hard to say farewell to those wonderfully furry friends who ask so little and give so much.  Thanks for sharing that.


12/20/2016 4:47 pm  #71

Re: Your Favorite Algonquin Pics

Brownie as a pup



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